Fincan cargos contra cuatro por muerte de indocumentados

El Paso The federal authorities of the United States have arrested and fined several people for the death of 53 indocumentaries who were abandoned inside a trailer in San Antonio est lunes, in which the constituents of the deer were killed.

The tractor of communication, Hector Zamorano Jr., 45 years ago, as his companion, Christian Martínez, 28, was arrested and sent to carry out negotiations to transport illegal immigrants with the result of death. The culprit will be discovered by Espera the prisons of life or the pen of death.

Also arrested two Mexican indocuments – Juan Claudio D’Luna-Mendez, 23 years old, and Juan Francisco D’Luna-Bilbao, 48 -, who had their number in the trailer of their franchise.

Trailero se escondió

Hacker Zamorano Jr., the conductor of the trailer in which he encountered tens of thousands of sophisticated migrants, or many of them, was accustomed to reports of local media.

A political official did not identify the San Antonio Express News paradox that the conductor was establishing a drug deal with methanetamine when he was arrested, because he had to be taken to the hospital.

We also arrested the miraculous creatures by caring for penile relations with their present participation in the contraband of extras with the result of death.

Judicial documents, dated 27 June 2022, National Security Investigations (HSI) responded to the scene of an event involving individuals with 64 unspoken allegations against the United States.

The officials of the Department of Politics of San Antonio (SAPD) informed the agents of HSI that they had taken up the election with the remnants of the San Antonio deportation to the 911 de Ciudadosados. At the end of the day, the SAPD officials discovered a variety of people, some of them inside the tractor remodel, some of them on the floor and some of the men, many of them were small and some were incapacitated.

The polished furon conducts to an individual, identifies as Zamorano, and who observes in the second place despairs of trying. We will continue to support SAPD agents.

Capture the border patrol

Patrulla Fronteriza del Sector de Laredo propulsion to the HSI agents of vigilance imaging of chemistry with crumbling crumbling a post of immigration control. You can see the conductor sitting on a shirt with rayas and a sombrero. The HSI agents confirmed that Zamorano co-opted with the individual images of vigilance and costume.

HSI confirmed that 48 people were missing in the fight, 22 were Mexican citizens, six were Guatemalan citizens, two were Honduran citizens and 17 were originally disconnected but not specified. HSI confirms the status of the media person’s use of a disposable mobile device. Diecisés de los 64 indocumentados fueron transportados a hospitales locales para una medical evaluation. He died in the hospital. The functions are working with the extras of the consuls of the extras to the notifications of the families of the falcons.

Zamorano is originally from Brownsville, but resides in Pasadena, Texas. If it is declared guilty, Zamorano se inferna a cadena perpetu o posiblemente a la pena de muerte.

Communicate with complice

He was forced to pay a penalty to Christian Martínez, 28 years old, who died on June 28 in Palestine, Texas.

This is a cargo conspiracy to transport illegal immigrants with the result of death. From the camouflage of Zamorano, he discovered that all communications between the trailer and Martínez were about the disturbing events. If it is declared guilty, Martínez will always kill him or force him to kill his penis. Martínez gave her an official job in Tyler. Transported to San Antonio to continue with the procedures.

Arma lleva a detención

Además de los arrestos de Zamorano y Martínez, Juan Claudio D’Luna-Mendez, de 23 años, y Juan Francisco D’Luna-Bilbao, de 48, ambos ciudadanos de Mexico, fueron arrestados y comparecieron de20 inial de20. Again the tribunal, the registry of the camouflage with the remnant utilized in an attempt to contain the extrances of a legion in San Antonio. The SAPD officials installed vigilance in the residency and observed the two hombres that appeared in the camouflage.

From the traffic paradigms of the commons, the conductors were identified as D’Luna-Mendez and D’Luna-Bilbao. The Luna-Bilbao was stationed at a pistol station which was located at the Central Consulate of the conductor.

He executed an ordinance on the catechism in the residency of the Fuchsian armies. Determining that we individually established a unit in the United States and were obliged to denounce the penalties of a cargo position by an arm for an extroverted indocumented.