Fintech funding market is not dead – Meczyki.Net

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alex And Beautiful! We’re back to cover the biggest, boldest and worst technology news. This is our Monday show, coming to you Tuesday this week, because yesterday was a holiday in honor of Juneteenth for many American workers. So, we are doing our weekly kickoff a day later than usual. Here’s what we got into:

  • Globally, stocks are higher, while the cryptocurrency market is calm after weeks of turmoil.
  • We’re approaching the end of Q2 2022, which means we’re going to be excited for one-time earnings season (woo!).
  • Musk is busy around the world, helping put ukraine onlinelooking at his cars come under some condemnation in chinaand still Talking Your Way Through Twitter Buying,
  • In startup-land: LeadSquare made a big rounds, and is now a unicorn. raised a big round, but we’re not sure what it’s worth. And StashFin also put a significant amount of capital and debt on its books.
  • The fintech VC market is still alive, despite warning bells everywhere. Magic Eden has just been picked up for an NFT marketplace, we note. (Though prices, alas, are coming down.)

That’s our show! We are back tomorrow and Friday!

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