First-half blitz lays ground for Cullen’s retaining Dukon Cup

Knocknagri 0-8

Defending holders Cullen did not face significant trouble overcoming Knocknagri in the Dukon Cup (JAFL) final in Kischem.

Victory was not worthy of calculus, putting together an amazing brand of football matching hard work and stern dogma to thwart a disappointing knockdown.

On this occasion, Knocknagri did well and a nine-point concession in the opening half worked against the wind to leave the challengers climbing a mountain. At critical stages, Knocknagri lacked restraint while Cullen was far more confident in his game.

The sides were not separated much during the opening 10 minutes, a lead point by Luke Murphy to Cullen being canceled at the opposite end by David O’Connor.

Although backed by elements, Cullen went on to settle into a rhythm while maintaining a grip on the play through the efforts of Seamus Fleming, Francis Cronin, Colin Moynihan, Luke Murphy and Alan Regan.

Knocknagri’ keeper Damien Brown saved brilliantly from Regan, yet Cullen continued to dominate and the race for consecutive points saw an excellent score from Murphy, which was well scored by Regan, Aaron Nolan, Gyroid Tomé and Brian O’Connell. Support given.

Knocknagri broke off the sequel with a much-needed point from David Tomei, only for Cullen to answer for the Brian O’Connell flag to gain a 0–11 to 0–2 advantage at the interval.

Indeed, soon after the restart was contested and dusted, Cullen recorded the game’s only goal, a move initiated by Seamus Fleming that saw Regan blasting Gyroroid Tomei into the house from a pass. .

Knocknagri’s hopes were briefly flickered in back to back points by Gyroid Looney and Tadhag Long, yet Cullen maintained a firm control over the proceedings with Moynihan and Regan firing on a sequel of points.

And though Knocknagri produced a revival, four points on a spin from Dennis O’Connor, Looney and David Tomei took a barren look from the scoreboard.

There was some inevitability about the result, with Murphy, Tomas O’Keefe and Sean O’Riordan closing out Cullen’s game on points to be the dominant winners.

Cullen: F O’Connor; De Hickey, S. Fleming, M. O’Riordan; F Cronin, De Tomé, C Moynihan 0-1; L. Murphy 0-7 (0-2 F), P Cremin; B O’Connell 0-2, G Twomey 1-1, C Kerins; A. Regan 0-4, A. Nolan 0-1, W. O’Keefe Sub: P Kremin for M Twomy, ​​W O’Keefe for A O’Sullivan, C Moynihan for C Hickey, B O’Connell for T O’Keefe 0-1, D Tommy for D Murphy, A for S Regan, C Morley to O’Riordan 0-1 g Twomy.

Knocknagri: D. Brown; A. Sheehan, S. Daly, D. O’Connor; D Mahoney, T O’Connor, T Long 0-1; T O’Mahony; T O’Mahony, David O’Connor 0-1; J Dennehy, G Looney 0-2, C White; Dee Twome 0-2, Dennis O’Connor 0-2, Kay Barry Sub: P Dayin for T O’Mahony, R O’Connor for C White, P Roche for T Long.

Referee: M Sheehan (Liscarol)

talking point

Cullen enjoyed a surprisingly hassle-free win and did so with a combination of hard work, a solid team ethic and individual excellence across the park.


With a goal in the opening half that proved crucial to the result, the current holders taking advantage of the strong wind converted their growing confidence into a 20-minute power play where Cullen beat Knocknagri 0-10 0-1. .

main man

In the opening half, Luke Murphy tortured Knocknagri at every opportunity with a 0-6 tally, but throughout the hour Alan Regan produced a huge individual display with his restraint on the ball, tracking the defense and 0-3 Come to the ground to kick. against the elements.


On this performance, Cullen lowered his odds of regaining Duhalo JAFC for the first time since 2008, while many Knocknagri players would partner County SAFC with the club’s first team.