First look at the huge Commonwealth Games mega store built on the city’s ‘Showpiece Square’

This is the double-decker building that looks like what Centenary Square would look like if Amazon built a distribution warehouse with dancing water fountains above the reflective pool of half the city’s showpieces. Or as a Wag post on Twitter describes the design: ‘an industrial battery farm’.

But whatever you think of the 60-meter-long white ‘mega structure’, it is designed to have a BBC studio and a shop for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Although there is already a shop on New Street below Rotunda that was open until November 2021 – the new building has received full approval from Birmingham City Council.

Birmingham Live visited Centenary Square to see how the work is progressing and getting its construction for generations. You can watch it from all sides in the video above 35 days before the games start on July 28 (until August 8).

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The building looks less crowded for pedestrians walking around the Hall of Memory from Centenary Way. Getting to it from this angle means you can only see it from the front end, where the Commonwealth Games watch was unveiled on March 9, 2020.

But if you go to the other side of Broad Street to stand in front of the former Municipal Bank – which was reopened by the University of Birmingham last September and rebranded as ‘The Exchange’ – the side On view shows how big the temporary new is. The building is. And what part of the Centenary Square it prevents you from seeing – it took more than a year to rebuild the square and cost 50% more when it was officially opened in July 2019.

The upper part of the Library of Birmingham can be seen peeping from the roof of a 60-meter double-height temporary building built to house a shop and a BBC studio in Centenary Square along Broad Street before the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Has gone
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

If you cross the middle of Broad Street (currently unused) with the West Midlands Metro tram stop, the top of Birmingham’s seven-story library also disappears. Then you can see, according to the picture above, there is a sea of ​​white plastic with a golden cone on top – no dancing fountain in sight.

The building has received mixed reactions on social media. But we found a mother in her favor even though her young son seemed to like playing in the dancing fountains of the square if only they were turned on.

Tory said: “He will have many more years to play in the fountains. I am very happy that the Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham and I am really looking forward to them.”

August 13, 2019: Pool Open For 40 Days And Nights At Centenary Square, Birmingham
August 13, 2019: Pool open for 40 days and nights at Centenary Square, Birmingham
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

Posting on Twitter, David Gausson said: “It’s a disaster to have this horrible thing in Centenary Square.” Loisnomad said: “I’m angry and I’m not angry. There’s nothing wrong with this disgust. It looks like one of those horrible big container ships. The illusion planners are caught.”

Jayjayjetplane wrote: “I went to Bram for a few hours. Beautiful summer days in the city. Then I arrived at Centenary Square, where Bram’s showpiece looks like an industrial battery farm on Peace Square.”

Wendy G. posted: “Despite this ugly, temporary, structure, they’ve spent years trying to square up and cover it up! Just appreciating how good Sentinel Square was a few weeks ago. Was looking for, so we can. Don’t forget that! “

Shivaji Shiva said: “I want to understand why the media center and shop cannot be hosted by B: Music (in Symphony Hall), the library or the representative (or some combination thereof). There will be bicycles to benefit the city while Centenary Square will be open for sports.

The Statue Of Gillian Wearing'S A Real Birmingham Family (2014) Looks At The New 'Mega Structure' In Centenary Square Ahead Of The 2022 Commonwealth Games.
The statue of Gillian Wearing’s A Real Birmingham Family (2014) looks at the new ‘mega structure’ in Centenary Square ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

John Sear added: “This great gray box store in Centenary Square is much better than playing in the fountains of adults, children, cyclists, skateboarders, roller bladders in the summer months. Maybe @BhamCityCouncil You can get something for that! “

DanJamesRobbins said: “They’ve spent almost three years building Centenary Square and then throwing it away for the biggest event we’ve hosted in recent days. Like Tf?”

Meanwhile, users who asked West Midlands Metro today (June 23) for information on when services could return to Centennial Square were told on Twitter: “Library service has not yet been confirmed. An update will be made when this information becomes available. Our feed and website. “

The West Side Phase 2 extension from Centenary Square to 54 Hegley Road with Broad Street T was to open in December 2021.

What is a temporary building?

The Birmingham City Council document recommending the approval of the temporary building states that the cube management application is for a structure 60mx15m with a maximum height of 8m (approximately) built into a lightweight aluminum frame. Gone and wrapped in branded skin. Related (screened) plant and machinery.

The Commonwealth Games Countdown Clock Is Accompanied By A 60-Meter Double-Height Temporary Building With A Dance Fountain Over A New Reflective Pool In Centenary Square.
The Commonwealth Games countdown clock is accompanied by a 60-meter double-height temporary building with a dance fountain over a new reflective pool in Centenary Square.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

“Construction will begin in May 2022, be operational by the end of June – mid-August and the site will be cleared by the end of September.”

The case officer’s report, which recommended its construction, said the structure was necessary to support the hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

“This structure is temporary in nature and safety conditions ensure that the site will be restored to its current state and that there will be no lasting adverse effects.

The Symphony Hall (Left) And The Library Of Birmingham (Right) Are Built On Either Side Of The 60-Meter Double-Height Temporary Building In Centenary Square For A Shop And A Bbc Studio Before The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.
The Symphony Hall (left) and the Library of Birmingham (right) are built on either side of the 60-meter double-height temporary building in Centenary Square for a shop and a BBC studio before the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

“As part of the Games (SIC) provision, the proposal will have short- and long-term economic, environmental and social benefits in line with local and national planning policy and should therefore be approved.”

The notes added that the building should be “removed and put to use by September 30, 2022”.

In 2021, construction began on the City Flyer, the 40-meter Big Whale and the Ice Centre’s three Centennial Square Christmas attractions before the end of October. This potentially means that once the temporary building is removed, the square fountains will be fully operational for only one month, before they are out of work again by the spring of 2023. ۔

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