Foals’ Jack Bevan’s Favorites


The UK’s festival circuit is returning after a two-year hiatus, with rock and roll stars across the board washing their leather jackets and returning to the fields for the long-awaited season of live music.

This Friday, June 24, the indie superstars will take Foals to the stage to blow up the old and new huts on the stage of Glastonbury’s Pyramid and Jack Beyonc شور is making noise on the drums.

The drummer, a third of the Oxford-formed outfit, is at home in the kitchen as he headlines. Her lockdown project saw her create her own idea for the perfect hot sauce in conjunction with a sauce shop that makes cult condiments. Holy fire hot honey.

Blending out of the bottle in a luxurious way, the black sauce is a combination of sweet and sour, with Habaniro pepper, which ignites the action, and the sweet honey acts as a kiss after a cook.

This sauce is part of Foals’ official pepper when they hit the road on their new UK tour. We contacted Beyonc فوری for an immediate discussion on how to cook a new rock n roll.

Eating after music is obviously your obsession. What motivated you to collaborate with Souss Shop?

I spent a lot of time cooking in Lockdown and experiencing a kind of obsession, so it’s really nice to be able to make a product like this from scratch. I’ve always loved hot sauce, and I’m fascinated by stores in the United States that only sell hot sauce and have a variety of flavor profiles and ingredients.

Hot sauce is definitely becoming a big thing here now, and once I discovered Sauce Shop (their Buffalo hot sauce Very good). I was a big fan and have been buying their products for some time now. It’s actually a dream come true. Holy fire hot honey with them.

Sauce shop

What do you recommend slathering on Holly Fire Hot Honey?

Holly Fire Hot Honey is great with a variety of foods, I have tried it in every way now. I like to cover my favorite pizza, chicken wings or anything with a barbecue. I am interested in hot honey and while our product is hot sauce, it is technically a hot honey as it contains 60% honey with a Habaniro pepper. It is spicy and fruity but also really sweet. You have to work with sweetness but it compliments many other flavors.

Can we expect more Foals food launches?

Nothing on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Collaboration with Sauce Shop is a passionate project that fits perfectly with our new album tour, and we’ve managed to add Holy Fire Hot Honey to our peppers, so there’s some special time to follow this launch. Will feel

What is your most used kitchen utensil or cooking utensil?

This is a toss up between my KitchenAid stand mixer and my Instant Pot. I make a lot of my own butter in KitchenAid as well as in pasta flour and cake batter, but I also use instant pot to make rice corners, slow cooked meats and stew.

The birds

The festive season is back in full force for the first time in two years. Who are you waiting for this summer and why?

It must be latitude, we are excited to play there again. It was the first big festival we made headlines and has grown significantly since we last saw it.

What are the three essential travel accessories you have during the trip and why?

I bring my Nintendo Switch everywhere. I grew up in RPGs and this is a great way to spend time on the road. I also carry my Apple Airpod Pros everywhere – I cycle a lot and because of the ambient mic I can listen to the road and a little bit of music and direction at the same time.

My last one is a steamer – all my shirts get stuck in my suitcase so I always need to steam them before the show.

What piece of tech couldn’t you do without?

I have had Brompton for years but they have recently upgraded me to T-Line. This is incredible stuff. So light and that means I can easily get out and explore cities wherever I am.