Football-obsessed 8-year-old Evy is ‘in seventh heaven’ to receive Euro tickets from a stranger

An eight-year-old soccer fan who was given a ticket to the European Championship final said he feels “really happy” after seeing the Lionesses “inspire a lot of young girls” across the country.

Passionate goalkeeper for her local side, Evie Jackson, and her father, Matt, 30, have been following the tournament avidly after traveling to Leeds United’s Elland Road and St. George’s Park to watch England play.

Mr Jackson took to Twitter to seek tickets for the expected final against Germany at Wembley on Sunday and said he almost lost hope when a stranger contacted him to offer two tickets for free.

“I was very lucky and didn’t know what was going on because I thought it was going to be fake,” Evie, who lives with her father in Lee, near Manchester, told PA news agency.

“I was so excited when I found out that we got tickets, I cried because I thought that we would not be able to go.

“I think they created women’s football and it’s crazy to see how far women’s football has come.

“It also inspires a lot of young girls who might want to play football but don’t feel confident now they have a chance.”

Mr. Jackson, operations manager at the bank, coaches Evie Astley and Tyldesley’s under-10 team.


Evie and her father Matt are big football fans (Matt Jackson/PA)

He admitted that he was initially skeptical about “something that sounds too good to be true”.

“Why would anyone do this?” he said.

“As soon as we spoke on the phone, he said: “Send me your email address and I will forward the tickets through the application.” And in a couple of minutes they were there.

“These were the first category tickets, and these are the most expensive tickets you can get. Even now I’m pinching myself, like, was that really real?

I don’t think there’s anything more than watching your heroes in the final at Wembley.Matt Jackson

In the photos that Mr. Jackson posted on Twitter, the user can be seen saying to the father of two: “Your baby looks very excited too. I have an adult and child ticket. You can get them for free.”

Mr. Jackson said he was “overwhelmed” by the man’s generosity, who he explained sold football tickets years ago and receiving money from them “hadn’t really left him feeling satisfied.”

“For a guy you’ve never met before who gives you tickets selling hundreds maybe thousands online some of the best tickets you can probably get I’m just really humbled and my daughter is absolutely over the moon from happiness. ,” he said.

“Obviously it’s more for Evie and the experience I know she’s going to have.”


Evey plays goalkeeper for his local team in Lee, Lancashire (Matt Jackson/PA).

Mr. Jackson said that Evie “screamed with excitement” when she learned that the two of them were going to make a game.

“I had already sat her down that day and said, ‘Look, I did my best, I tried my best, I’m sorry, but it’s just not possible,'” he said.

“(Showing her the tickets) she thought I was lying to her because you know how smart kids are these days. I showed her the pictures and she said, “Dad, this could be a screenshot of anything.”

“And then she just jumps on the floor and almost burst into tears, screaming with excitement.

“I don’t think she really got into it, she’s never been to Wembley.

“When we go down the Wembley path, in terms of football, I don’t think there’s anything more than watching our heroes in the Wembley final.”

This act of kindness “restored faith in humanity” for Mr. Jackson, who said the tournament had a huge impact on the Evie team and their enjoyment of the sport.

“All the girls at yesterday’s practice are just really into it. They all watch the games, they all want to know who we are playing with, they all talk about who their favorite players are,” he said.

“I would probably say that a couple of years ago you wouldn’t even know who the players were, but they became household names more or less overnight.”

“What people say, ‘Look, I can’t get a ticket for the women’s national game now,’ just shows how far the sport has come, probably even in the last three weeks.”

Evie added that she was especially excited to see one of her favorite players, Ella Toon, who played for Evie’s team when she was a little girl.

She and her father have booked a hotel for Sunday and are confident that the Lionesses will win.

“2:1 in favor of England,” Evy predicted.