For the first time, the United States recognizes the concern about dirty energy in Mexico

For the first time, USA Expresses its concern at the policies of the President of Mexico; Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which favors dirty energy sources over renewable ones.

Asked about it during a press conference, Down price, spokesperson for US State Department, acknowledged the US concern about the promotion of dirty energies in Mexico, which would make it difficult to achieve the “climate goals”:

“Climate change is a priority for us. We have also heard that it is a priority for the Mexican government. It must be. The United States and Mexico have historically been major emitters. And even though the United States is one of the largest emissions in the world, it contributes and Mexico has also contributed to a large part of the air pollution, so this must be a priority for both countries. “, said the official.

Similarly, he was optimistic, saying he trusted Mexico to meet its environmental commitments and assured that the strong relationship between the two nations would allow Washington to speak “Honestly and directly with our counterparts in Mexico about potential problem areas.”


On the issue of private sector participation, as under the reform proposed by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador would be affected by privileging Federal Electricity Commission, Price said USA has also made it clear to Mexico that “the private sector has an important role to play ”.

In the same way, Award He spoke about the security problems facing tourists in Mexico and whether the US government has considered increasing the level of threats to Cancun’s tourist area: “We have no higher priority than the security of Americans in the world. That includes Mexico. We have seen incidents of violence. Our embassy in Mexico, our people in the country, continues to monitor all sources of information, in close cooperation with the Mexican government,” he said. so spokesmen.

“If we consider that travel risks for American citizens to Mexico should change, we will not hesitate to update our recommendations and inform Americans who may be in Mexico or who are considering traveling there, ”He specified Down price .

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