Former Neighbors actress to watch soap opera in UK to see finale

A former Neighbors actress from London will mark the soap opera’s final broadcast in the UK with a viewing party, describing the show as a “British background for 37 years”.

Uli Mullins played Julie Martin in Neighbors from 1992 to 1994, her time on the show ending after her character’s death.

Channel 5 announced that it was leaving the show before 2022, and when fans signed a petition to show their displeasure on social media, Friday will have its final episode.

Ms Mullins told the PA news agency: “Neighborhood is a part of Australian culture. The casual nature, the outdoors, the swimming pool, the barbecue … which makes it the quintessential Australian culture.

“But this has been the background of the British for 37 years. It is in the psychology of families, students, schoolchildren, university students, mothers who cook dinner.

“Unlike some soaps, it’s not doom and gloom all the time. Very light-hearted.

“Sure, they have car explosions and relationships drama, but it’s otherwise quite a happy show. I think people are really going to miss it.”

The makers have said that they will not end the show with scenes of destruction and devastation.

Instead, former stars including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce and Margot Robbie will return to say goodbye to Ramsay Street.

Another fan favorite who will star in the finale is Alan Fletcher, who has played Dr. Carl Kennedy on the soap for 28 years.

Ms Mullins said: “I really knew Allen socially from the time I had just started drama school. I was working with a regional theater outside Sydney and he was a professional performer who was a was producing.

“Somehow, I ended up going to the rehearsal room, which was fantastic for me because I wanted to be a professional actor and play piano for (Alan) to learn a few songs. We were very friendly and I kept in touch with him frequently.

“The odd thing then was that it was my last month filming Neighbors after years, and he called me.

“He said ‘Julie, you’re not going to believe this, but I’ve been offered a two-year stint in Neighbors’ which I did. My character was just about to end, so he walked in as soon as I left Gone!”

On Friday at 9 p.m., fans across the country will come together to watch parties, including Ms. Mullins, to watch the final episode.

All shows end at some point. You know, the coronation roads of this world are so rareJulie Mullins

“About a dozen of us are getting together to watch the finale at a friend’s house in Reading,” she said.

“Some of the group are British, so they grew up with neighbors, and some of the other guests who are visiting are Australians.

“One of them is called Kylie, we were laughing because that would be our Kylie for the night!”

Asked if it’s time for the show to end, Ms Mullins said: “I wouldn’t say it’s the right time because it’s in really good shape at the moment.

“Artistically I think any long-running series goes up and down in terms of how engaging it is, but I don’t think its ending is due to a quality issue.

“But I also know that all shows come to an end at some point. You know, coronation roads out of this world are pretty rare.”