Fortalis IED L Sector Inmobilerio de Nuevo Leon-L Financiro

During the first quarter of the new Nuevo León (NL) captured 1,105.8 million dollars (mdd) of Direct Direct Inversion, with which it was located in the third position of the top states with the most registered registry in a row. with information from the Secretariat of Economics (SE).

“In the first quarter of 2022, NL captured 1,105.8 mdd of IED, occupying the third position of the top states that are registered in this registry. ) with 447.5 mdd; Spanish with 168.0 mdd and Dinamarca with 42.4 mdd.

The analysis Titled “Inversion Direct Direct Fortress in the Mexican Incompatibility Sector, which is far from the first trimester of 2022, the IED was 5.8 percent more likely than the previous period.

“The IED played a unique role in this industry, but only during the first quarter of this year, the country reported 19 million 427.5 million dollars (mdd) in this country, which represents 5.8 per cent of the mid-caps mirads.” Accept the data from the Secretariat of Economics (SE) “, indicating the studio.

Leonardo Gonzalez, Real Estate Analyst Propiedades.comIt is clear that this type of inversion is an animosity in a región and the pie proceeds, with which the industry fortresses and creates a virtual virtue with miraculous sostenido and local astronomy.

The reports also indicate that the sector inequality has a very close relationship with the theme of communication.

“This is something that many people disconnect from; without embargo, it is important to be informed at the moment of purchase, sell or invert a property.

Gonzalez, considering that the IED has the potential benefits for NL: augmentation of business generation; add to the control; there are more divisions; economic competition; Incentive of new technologies and impulses to exports

“Life has a relationship with the IED, the flu with the IED, but this type of inversion is a dynamism in a región and the pie is a new projector, with which the industry is fortified and we create an industry. sostenido y la atracción de nuevos inversionistas locale o extranjeros.

“But the most important thing is that it also represents a measure of the quality of life of those radicals in these localities to impulse better services”, added the analyst.

The studio It is believed that other entities in the IED in the first trimester of August favored its sectoral immobilizers with the City of Mexico (CDMX) and Jalisco.

The CDMX was credited with more IEDs, capturing 41 per cent of the total, during the first quarter of 2022. Asa, in this period, the capital of the country received 7,932.2 mdd.

“If you can get this zona tanto to invert, like to live in ella. The cost of the sale in the apartments is 3.1 million pesos (mdp) ient think that the casas are 4.7 mdp”, he said

Soo Jalisco found that in the first trimester consolidated in the second quarter of the states with Mayor IED to take a 1,318 mdd. This was 106.8 because he felt more in comparison to the previous period of the previous month.

“This state is also very attractive for depositing economic resources, as is customary. The casinos sold in Jalisco have a valve valued at 2.8 mdp. We expect the apartments to be approximately 3.6 mdp ”, he said.