Four-day work week: from flexible hours to hyperlocal hub office

Working four days a week may seem like a dream come true but it can soon become a reality.

This month, more than 3,300 employees from 70 UK companies began a six-month experiment during a four-day week. All workers will receive the same pay at home as if they had worked for five full days. Known as the 100: 80: 100 model, employees will receive 100% pay for working 80% of the time, in exchange for 100% productivity.

The initiative is the brain’s invention 4 day global week, A non-profit organization currently conducting similar trials in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. 4Dayweek Global is providing the UK pilot with a UK-based think tank, Autonomy and Researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University and Boston College.

“The UK is on the cusp of a global momentum behind the four-day weekend,” said Joe O’Connor, Rocket Fuel CEO of 4Dayweek Global. The effect of the “strong resignation” is now proving that workers from a range of industries can produce better results by working shorter and smarter. ”

From Norfolk Chipi to a North London brewery to Dundee-based animation studios – the companies participating in the UK trial are as diverse as they come. However, all businesses are hoping to reap the revolutionary benefits of participating in this trial.

The question is, is it really as good for us to work less a day as the evangelists claim – and what will be the effect on our cities?

Our mental health

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We are known for our noses for British attitudes. Of course, our hard work has made Britain an economic powerhouse today.

But not all work and games come at a price. In the UK, the total number of days lost due to absenteeism due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018 was 15.4 million, which is almost three million more than the previous year.

Now, it has been suggested that a four-day work week can reduce this stress. When Microsoft introduced a four-day weekend for its Japanese workers in 2019, staff stress levels dropped by 7%. A similar lawsuit filed by a New Zealand firm, Perpetual Guardian, has resulted in staff being more satisfied with life as a whole.

James is employed by Resilience Brokers, a climate finance firm in East London, and has been working on a four-day week model since October 2021. “With the extra time in my week, I’m able to connect more with nature, researching which improves personal fitness and imagination in the workplace,” he says.

Happy Employee, Happy Business – From working less than one day a week.

Our relationship

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One argument in favor of four days a week is that it will give workers more time and energy to dedicate to loved ones. The definition of the four-day Working Week Trial in Iceland from 2015-2019 celebrates renewed relationships: from grandparents to grandparents to parents who cared for nurseries No need for couples working between them.

An Icelandic husband said: “I am more likely to take the initiative and do whatever is needed, hovering or whatever … I am more likely to just do these things”, an Icelandic husband Said: The words that every fellow wants to hear.

But it seems we can be better partners in the process. Sienna O’Rourke is marketing manager at Pressure Drop Brewery in North London, and is currently participating in a four-day working week trial.

“We have only one week left in the trial, and we are already beginning to see a positive effect on the morale of the staff,” she says. “We’ve got to be better at planning and negotiating across departments to do all this work, so I think it will strengthen our working relationship.”


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Moving to a four-day work week naturally raises concerns about productivity retention, especially in conservative circles. Jacob Reese-Mogg is a vocal critic of post-corona virus work habits, who famously leave passive offensive notes on the desks of colleagues who were working from home when they came to inspect soldiers.

“I’m concerned that the desire to take off Monday and Friday is an indication that people think the work week is shorter than it really is,” Rees-Mogg said in a feature-like fashion.

But Stephen Passmore, CEO of Resilience Brokers, suggests that giving employees longer weekends makes them “more present, focused and creative in office hours.”

The four-day working week trials in Iceland from 2015-2019 confirm the results of the Passover: where productivity remained the same in most trial workplaces, and even improved. Microsoft also reported a 40% increase in the productivity of its Japanese employees.

Not surprisingly, Labor has historically opposed the Tories in support of a four-day working week. Change was a key policy in Labor’s 2019 general election manifesto. Research conducted by the 4-day campaign has shown that if the party supports the scheme, half of the Red Wall voters are more likely to vote for Labor in future general elections.

But the poll also found that 40% of Labor voters are more likely to vote for the Tories if they support the proposal. Whether Labor will include a four-day working week in its next manifesto is being debated, but it would be prudent for any party to ignore a policy that could affect political loyalty. I can change or, importantly for Labor, from blues to red.


Climate change and agriculture halve insect populations in some areas – study (Peter Byrne / PA)

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The environmental benefits of a four-day working week are a surprisingly significant bonus to this scheme. In the same Microsoft trial in Japan, office power consumption was 23 percent lower and employees printed 59 percent fewer pages of paper. A 2021 report commissioned by 4Dayweek Global shows that moving to a four-day work week could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by 127 million tonnes a year by 2025. That’s the equivalent of removing 27 million cars from the road.

While some environmentalists are concerned that working four days a week will signal more work to go on the Carbon Gosling Weekend, others see interconnected benefits. Back in April, Anna Dusky launched a petition calling on the government to adopt a four-day work week. In four days – the magic number – about 30,000 people signed the petition.

“Science clearly shows that we need to make every effort to reduce emissions,” says Anna, “if we can do that by going four days a week, and we need better health and productivity in the process.” Will be achieved, then surely it is a great achievement. Absolutely no brain?

For Joe Royal, director of the 4 Days Working Week campaign, the numerous benefits of working less days are, in fact, “too good to ignore”, and the team is already planning its next move. Yes, while the success of the trial will not be realized. .

“We will present the results to members of parliament, and then campaign for all political parties to legislate for a maximum of 32 working hours a week. This is not going to happen overnight,” says Royal. But that is the future of work, as we know it.


Penalties are part of TfL’s action plan to reduce road injuries.

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The hustle and bustle of commuters in London’s main business district on Saturday is an obscure part of our capital’s fresco. By contrast, the weekend is a ghost town. Cafes are closed, tube stations are empty, roads are barely accessible to tourists.

Many are now working from home, and local businesses are already reeling from the economic downturn. Moving to a four-day work week will take away another opportunity to provide service and make money.

On Monday, Diane Wehrell, chief executive of retail analytics firm Springboard, warned that if homework continues at current levels, the footfall could be permanently 10 percent lower than before.

However, Stephen Passmore focuses on the positives: “When people spend more time working in hybrid patterns, they work more in the suburbs, so we thrive in smaller communities, on the outskirts of London. Looking at the streets. ” The money is still being spent, it’s just being distributed near home.