Four rural Kidder Munster sites have been earmarked for major development – how can the city change.

Local authorities across the country are under tremendous pressure to meet their housing targets, which means we could see more and more parts of rural areas change in the years to come. In Kidder Munster alone, thousands of new homes could soon be built in the town’s fields and green spaces if some of the future proposals are given the green light.

Such projects include a new community with a primary school in the east of the city. Controversial plans for a new village on former Green Belt land and dozens of houses in Lou Heberle. Some of these proposals provoked strong reactions from residents, sparking protests and in some cases hundreds of objections.

With Kidder Munster’s face likely to change forever, here’s a look at what sites in Worcestershire Town are currently being touted as major developments.

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1) Woven oak

Proposed plans for Owen Oaks, a residential development that will provide approximately 1,400 new homes when approved.
(Photo: Taylor Vampire)

More than a thousand new homes, a primary school and doctor’s surgery could be built in Kidder Munster as part of a huge new development. The proposed community, called Owen Oaks, will be located just east of the town on Cumberton Road.

In total, 1,400 new homes will be built, as well as many amenities such as a new community hall and ample green space. Developer Taylor Wempe, who is behind this great project, launched an online publication council last year before submitting a plan application.

Kidder Munster residents are divided over the proposals. When asked about the plans, local Jen Go said: “Great news, affordable housing is needed in Kidder Munster – maybe for some homeless people.”

Others were less optimistic about the plans, however, resident Jose Wilson said: “The whole of Worcestershire is about to be built. All the green fields are gone.”

Michelle Anson added, “There are already plenty of houses in Cadder Munster. The streets are a nightmare and there is nothing in the city.”

Zoe Curnow, senior strategic land and planning manager at Taylor Wimpey Strategic Land, had previously said: “Kidderminster is growing and it is important that it be sustainable. These proposals for Woven Oaks provide a combination of homes, green and public space, services and infrastructure, all carefully planned and thoughtfully planned. “

According to the Wire Forest District Council’s planning website, the planning request for the new community is still under consideration.

2) Lee Castle Village

Lee Castle Center, Near Kidder Munster
Lee Castle Center, near Kidder Munster

A new “village” on the former Green Belt land on the shores of Kidder Munster has recently taken a step forward. If this continues, it could mean a new 1,400 home community in Lea Castle.

Earlier this month, developers unveiled plans for the next phase of the Lea Castle site, which is on the former Green Belt land between Wolverley, Cookley and Kidderminster. Plans for 600 houses on the site have already been approved.

Further applications have now been submitted to the Wire Forest District Council for 800 homes as well as 420 primary schools, village centers and care homes. The development will be known as Le Castle Village and is already part of the Wire Forest Local Plan.

This may include village greenery, sports facilities such as a multi-purpose play area, children’s playground and employment land. Developers say 25 percent of the 800 new homes will be affordable and about two-thirds of them will be rented, at much lower social rates.

Homes England, which is managing the development, said that if the plan was approved, all 1,400 homes and community facilities would be ready by 2036.

3) Heberley Road

Lou Heberley
Lou Heberley
(Photo: Google Maps)

Controversial plans to build more than 100 new homes near Heberley Road, northwest of Kidder Munster, are still awaiting a decision from the Wire Forest District Council. Richborough Estates last year proposed plans to build 124 new homes in a field in Low Habberley, on the outskirts of the town.

The proposals have angered some residents over the threat to Green Belt land, with some setting up the ‘STOP The Habberley Road Development’ group in response. Organizers behind the group say it was set up to “protect our green belt and hopefully rally together to stop this development from moving forward.”

Hundreds of objections have also been raised to the planning request, with one person writing: “No, no, no, we don’t need more houses in the area already built. If you continue to build on the green belt and fields. We won’t have it. Someone else is left. “

In a planning statement, the developers said the new homes on Habberley Road would bring many benefits to the area, such as affordable housing and ‘enhanced walking and cycling connectivity’.

4) Hassam Rasta

حسم وے۔
حسم وے۔
(Photo: Google Maps)

Plans are afoot to build dozens of new homes east of the town – near where the proposed 1,400 homes could be built in the Owen Oaks community. Living Space Housing has submitted a request to the Wire Forest District Council for a plan for 48 affordable housing on a site near Hasham Way.

According to the plan statement: “The proposed development constitutes a high quality and sustainable scheme that recognizes and provides for the housing needs of Kidder Munster as well as the wider District of the Wire Forest District. Once the bar plan is adopted, the site will be removed from the green belt.

“Once the plan is adopted, there will be no material concerns that will prevent the application from being approved,” he said, adding that the new homes were designed to be “sympathetic” to the surrounding area.

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