Fox News fabricated a lie about Virginia’s concerned parents in order to expand the Yangkin Talking Point.

Virginia Republican candidate for 2021 Governor Glenn Yingkin.

Parents Glenn Yingkin says the Fairfax County School Board was upset with him and pushed him down, and then laughed at the race’s critical ideology. Next up on Fox: Three Republicans who say they saw it happen.

Tell us what you want about Fox News – and please do what you want about Fox News! – But you have to admit that they are informative. Just this week I learned something from the Creek Fox News team that has been working tirelessly to create new content for the American eye. I learned that Fairfax County, Virginia, is populated especially by arch-right Republican think tanks and senior members of political campaigns. Can you imagine that? An entire Virginia County where everyone you meet works for a Republican candidate or is a “Senior Fellow.”

Go to RB and the man who is making your sandwich is actually a senior fellow at the Conservative Sandwich Institute. Go for some gas pumping and the woman behind the khaki convenience store counter whose life you never tried to live a second life as a board member of another rifle association. Steal and you will soon find out that the person who stole your money is part of a nationwide “liberal legal organization”.

Wait, this last time is all the time. But the other two are still weird, right?

These are the conclusions that can be drawn from a Fox News report – which is actually aired on television – trying to find a drama about the alleged tyranny of local school boards, which is the “critical race theory”. About not bowing enough to the deception of the right wing. “Or the shock of children wearing masks, or some other cold-blooded ignorant Trump pro-fascist boot polisher running in their Facebook posts.

Fox’s “Straight News” story features a collection of “Fairfax County parents” who want to “push back” the county’s school board. They were all very worried about who would pay. But as the media quickly settled, all three were real. Republican fracking operatives that did not appear.. The whole thing was rigged!

Parent One: An “infamous” Trump administration official in the Department of Education currently holds the position of “Senior Fellow” in a right-wing think tank.

Parents Two: Crazy. The chair A group of “educators for Yangkin” is promoting the crackpot Republican governor nominee to report to the far-right Fox.

Parent Three: Founded a group of parents who are currently suing the county school board’s admission criteria.

What are the difficulties? Imagine choosing three “relevant” parents, and each of the three is a Republican activist working to organize attacks on school boards that Republican candidates are trying to turn into the next big fake social crisis. ۔ What Are Difficulties

Yes, the whole thing was fake. James O’Keefe Level Fake.

The odds are not that this collection of “relevant” professional conservative cranks provided the footage itself, pre-packaging it to Fox viewers’ concern. Those things, after all, happen.

From the very first moments of separation, conservatives have been looking for new paranoia about what is happening in their local schools. They are convinced that their children are secretly learning how not to become racist, even when their racist parents do not want them to learn. He believes schools are asking children to wear masks. During an epidemic of lung-destroying penile disease. Because this FK knows it’s a secret conspiracy. The first generations to be free from the horrors of polio are absolute. Fear and panic At the thought of vaccinating children, something that is considered controversial only on the side of pseudo-science, even Donald Trump sniffed that the virus is just an attempt to tarnish his glorious era of incompetence.

And here Fox News, like clockwork, comes to the “serious” news, to pack up and turn it into a nationwide party talking point.

Why is this only on the conservative side? New York Times Republicans are notorious for portraying workers as “perceived”. The Washington Post. And it’s time for every other outlet you can name. But reporters regularly land on the local. Republican Operators are “concerned parents” or “relevant business owners” or “relevant women” who believe in face masks and increase the power of evil spirits, Tommy and Bob and Chadwick and Tommy Jr., and who advocate for the Squaring Pool. Clearing the chemical in your nose because Bob hates it so much and will convince his evil spirit roommate to hide in your neighbor’s place. I don’t remember the last time Fox News or ۔ Times Or someone else “accidentally” created a parent profile that “accidentally” turned out to be the Democratic candidate’s campaign manager or similar.

Strange, she.

Well, we learned one thing: We learned that Fairfax County, Virginia, is inhabited, especially by Republican activists who don’t like their local school board decisions. It is a bit strange that it is not clear how the school board settled with the residents. no Equally, Republican activists who speak out are rushing to Fox News to help advance the Republican election strategy, but such explanations are left to experts and no one involved in the story. There is no one person who can be considered as one.

Still, though, it looks like a follow-up story is in order. Are All Residents of Fairfax County Republican operatives and surrogates, or just all parents? Wait – are we sure these three are? Is Children? In these schools, as a private school?

Are their children also working through right-wing think tanks, or is your first conservative think tank, Jig Fairfax County, being considered a rite of passage?

Author: Meczyki

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