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The authoritative aeronautics of Mexico is not the only antitrust auditor of the Federal Administration of Aviación (FAA, for its siglas in England) the advancement that ponen en entradicho la security passoría en enricado se. Find more than 20 new points. With what is prevalent that should be considered when Mexico can recover the category of security offer 1.

One of the goals of the federal government with the connivance of Tema Dijo to the Financier that The FAA encounters more than 20 new deficiencies in the process as a technical reviewque realizó la autoridad estadounidense hace una semana.

The technical review does not consist of an auditor in defining the definition of security in a country, except that This is an evaluation of the International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) audit.The Mexican no aprob has more than one year.

The first thing that happened was that the anonymous because the information was not public, it was clear The formal observations will be made by the American Union in a few weeks.

“Hay nuevos hallazgos y hay que solucionarlos”, remarked.

Mientras esto urre, The aeronautical national anthems impeded to abbreviate new ruses of passages y carga con destino a Estados Unidos.

The new phenomena, which are related to the 28 primes encountered in an audit that data from October 2020 to March 2021, will be developed in a few special sections to be used.

The modern observations have their origin in the False technical capacity of aeronautical authorityIn its incapacity to promote the services offered to all its members and in a regulatory framework that is not complete with the international standards.

The results of the Technical Review, by Juan Carlos Machorro, expert in the field of aeronautics and aerospace, of the legal Santamarina and Steta firm, iran de vital importancia because it will show the advance that the Mexican authority has had since 13 months.

“The premise is that in this technical revision we have not really solved the 28 observations, since we discovered new anomalies, it is not free; technology: the improvisation has a limit ”, subtitled Machorro.

The Federal Agency for Civil Aviation (AFAC) has been ranked in Category 2 since May 25, 2021. This is not to guarantee the security and vigilance of the presenters of the services, there is no need to take personal technical training to get a proper revision of the enterprises and aeronautical schools.

Enter the deficiencies of the Mexican authority We have not been able to find a solution to the surveillance of queries that contain accounts with Operator Aéreo Certificates. (AOC, because of their siglas in English), we know that there is no need for the best inspectors, who don’t have any competitors.

“There is a system to achieve the number of sophisticated caliphs and enterprises for all the models and aeronautics that operate in the area. de Océpónica fue degradado.

As it was published in this diary, the AFAC infantry, the technicians and presuppositions of the deficiencies, a red carpet that includes pilot salesThe sale of licenses, permits and other documents, as well as the capacitance simulation simulation.

Admirals, the profiles of the inspectors and verifiers are not the adjectives and, inclusive, There is a personal that you would like to know about the airline that realizes inspection tires without its capacitance.

Fernando Gómez, an aeronautics analyst, calculated that one in category 2, The Mexican aeronautics are already in the grip of 5 million million pesos.That could be captured if the mayor had the ability to hack or destroy the United States.

On the menus of occasions during the pandemic, The Mexican-Mexican market has become the most important not only in the region, but in the whole world.With over 4 million programmed information in the internet tempo, there are specialized data on OAG consultations.

Ann Roy de Macro, Category 1 recuperation can be extended more than any otherThe protógs of Gobierno are fallacious and have not attended to the rumors that came to Mexico in a similar way to Venezuela and Pakistan in a way that is better than security.

Mientras que The state of aeronautics has lost more than 1.1 million passers-by who have not attended the national elections.Viva Aerobus, Volaris and Aeromexico concentrated allied to 22.8 per cent of the voyages between Mexico and the United States, a mercado that it was able to recover from the new prepandemia, but napuccerlas que aeromics.