From Cup and Tiger to Herschel and Evander – Trump’s political career has depended on the use of black players.

Who invited this boy?۔

Who invited this boy?
Image: Trailer Fight Club Legends II.

Donald Trump refused to go away, which is not surprising. But, when an uninvited guest appears, at some point, find out how they manage to get there. A former White House resident discovers that using black players to his advantage is the best car.

Now is the time for the United States to recognize it.

Saturday Night, the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, Trump “Provide commentary“During a boxing event that will be headlined by Evander Hollyfield, as he will compete against waiter Belfort.

Why is Holly Field, 58, fighting?

Maybe for money.

But the real question is, “Who would have thought that Trump would do such a thing?”

During the 80’s and 90’s, Trump was very involved in the game when it was still in its infancy. He was often seen at Ringside, as one of his casinos often had heavyweight fights. But, that was when he was a lazy citizen. Now, he is a former president who has an agenda, which includes doing anything and everything that will put his name in the news because he is still banned from social media.

If you forget, Trump’s entire “political career” was started by the Brotherhood Movement – which was a lie – aimed at questioning the authenticity of the citizenship of a former high school basketball player and aspiring golfer. ۔ Barack Obama.

And after questioning whether a current president is a “real American”, he began to shock Obama over playing golf. In 2018, SB Nation At least counted 27 tweets in which Trump tweeted about Obama playing too much golf.. This was something he regularly used to provoke his followers during his many rallies. And don’t think that for a second he didn’t know that the idea of ​​a black man playing a country club game wouldn’t annoy his audience. Ironically, in 2020. Statista Discovered that when Trump was in office, he did at least. The 285 visits to golf clubs, often in a course they own, cost an estimated 2 142 million. Taxpayer Money Trump has never been able to accept the fact that Americans can choose a black man and fall in love with any of them.Sh * thief countries“She is OK

Then there was Colin Caprink – the black man who always made racist white men feel inferior – whose kneeling during the anthem would serve as the wave on which Trump would ride into the White House and preside. For a long time, as they knew, Caprink was a symbol of something that white Americans hated the most – accepting their prejudice, discrimination and hatred.

Although Obama and Capernick acted as “uptick NRS” that Trump could use to expand his base, he was smart enough to realize that he had to stand with her at some point. Some black players will be needed. And all he had to do was get back on the golf course. Tiger Woods, “Cabalization” Who hates being black, Was happy to help. Trump presented Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an award that even Bill Blake knew how to turn down.

This brings us to 2021, where the GOP is “trying” to distance itself from Trump and his politics while maintaining its base in the party. And without social media services, Trump turned to another black athlete in a key state – Georgia.

Enter Herschel Walker.

“He’s a great man, he’s a patriot and he’s a very loyal man, he’s a very strong man. They love him in Georgia, I tell you. Trump said of Walker in June., As he backed him in the US Senate race in Georgia as a Republican will try to defeat San Raphael Warnock in 2022 – whose 2020 election helped turn Georgia blue, which As a result, the Democratic Party took control of the Senate. Trump and Walker have a long history, when Trump, then the owner of the USFL generals, drafted Walker. This, of course, was before Trump ran the league on the ground.

It should come as no surprise that a man like Trump – He has more than 20 charges of sexual misconduct. – Backing someone like Walker, who has a history of being beaten and intimidated by women. “Over the years, two other women – Walker’s ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend – have also accused him of making threats, telling authorities that Walker claimed to have shot him in the head. Will, ” Read a recent CNN report.. In recent weeks, his years-old accounts have resurfaced as Walker, who rose to national fame as a college soccer player at the University of Georgia, launched a campaign for a Peach State battlefield Senate seat. The third woman’s account has not been previously reported.

Saturday night – like it or not – Evander Hollyfield will be the latest black athlete to use as a support by Donald Trump. And for former heavyweight champion Oscar de la Hoya – who is battling Cuvid in the 11th hour – what could be the rush of money, ending the black eye on his reputation? Maybe, or just a part of the plan.

Never forget that Hollyfield once competed with Mitt Romney in a charity event.

Some of you may be wondering why these people keep using Trump. But, at this point, we need to be more concerned about who is next. Because so far, it has become clear that these are deliberate – and horrible – decisions.


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