Fuchi, guácala, but da all the cobra family of AICM – Meczyki

Like this dicho, reza el refrán o dijeran nuestras abuelas… ¡pareciera que nada es suficiente!

¿Por qué les cuento esto?

Porque el exdirector General de Cinema Victor Hernandez Sigh teniendo influencia en la industria aurea. Hernández, who says that there is no other querrer that corresponds to see a video in the case of the two avianes of Volaris – even José María Rebo Assuming that the adventures are not choked, since they repeat–, the lovers of poner a su Hejo Manuel Alejandro Hernandez Like the Supervisor of the control of the AICM Torre, and who doesn’t know that this is just an event and the tantrums that are habido, or pisser suyo and the 4T and the SICT that are documented, using your influence, that Tanto aborrece el Presidente López Obrador, para kolocar … sí, para también Darley Chamba One Hundred Spells, Dallas Maria Hernandez Rosas … ¡Redoble de tambores !, as a separate administration of the official salon of the AICM from the beginning of this sex. Quihúboles! ¿No que elos eran diferentes?

The anterior, the pesar de que el Salon officialFrom the 31st of May 2019, this is the cargo of the Secretariat of External Relations and is destined to receive and attend other functions that travel to Mexico, like Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ministros, like Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ministros, like Instruments, como instrumentos. Jordico 435176.

Ademeás del pequeño detalle de que, por ley, aunque hay quienes dicen “y no me vengan con que la ley es la ley”, la Concillería es el enlace con las actividades que involucran acciones de nuestro gobierno con el exterior.

Also, the hijack of the ex-director of Seneam has been maintained in the name of AICM as different from the official saloon and cobrando tal, cobijada por los tres Directors que han pasado por el aeropuerto.

If you use the AICM page as it operates on functions like this, it will contain an approximately 62 million pesos menu.

Sando Chloros;

Without cargo or design functions, the peer in the conjunction with the personal security of the airplane dedicates to a brindar un. Tratto VIP a pasajeros de diversa índole,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Obviously, even brinda passes expeditos for the security filters, practically without revision alguna –inhale and exhale, pues seguro no me lo podrá creer–, There is a change that will make the Puebla … well, the cobras infective or give favors to their families or friends. ¡Así como lo está leyendo!

The most recent ejemplo

Además de contratar a su sobrino To deal with ella, pues no se abasto –¡no se Rían! La catafixia se la ganó Andrea Perez AbbottWho was the Assistant Administrator of the Official Salon, and who had to be the Deputy Director of Technical Operations of the SCJN, or the Director General of Administrative Administration Corte, Joel Barrientos Morales, le debe varios favores.

Por la del Puebla, se ofrece

But this is not everything, even if it is evident by his personal demeanor his misfortune. VIP The neoliberal aspiracists, called AMLO, the functions and friends of others depend, like the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport. And even though they are not aware of it, there are many passages that do not count with the public cargo. Personally, this is because of its pretentiousness, and I can hide it, because of its security, its identities, I hope that the hacker is running after the director of Seneam and sigh maintains a very good relationship with Jorge Arganis. Who cares about this secret?

Además, se ha tomado la atribución de administrar una sala de juntas ubicada en la Terminal 1 en su beneficio. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h The personal that knows everything that realizes its reports and utilizes this information for its benefit, but not for the sake of it.

La corruption no se ha ha barrido

Pues Dulce María maintains control over the personal security of the airplane, primarily the elements of security identifiable as سیراس (The ones that run the gamut inside the airplane) and who are the ones supervising the personal security of the private enterprises, or the ones before them? el personal de la Secretaría de Marina, Maintained a very good relationship with the people who followed the subdirector of security and the different security, with whom, after all, “negotiations”. Make use of the luggage for your family and friends, to keep in mind that you are limited enough to be personal to the laboratory in the airplane or the users that travel and give it away for a while. It doesn’t matter.


No doubt…

Nada de esto podría suceder sin la autorización de Carlos Morán MoguelAfter all, his subconscious, including his cargo, Victor Hernández as the director of Seneam, before he became the “director” of AICM.


MI Subs Jimmy Ponz

What do you say or do you know that there is no one to satisfy the gente and expect the investigations of the Pentecostals?

Is it possible to ask directly from the media, or is it better to have a hyperventive?