Fuerte sismo deja mil muertos y mil 500 heridos en Afghanistan

bill to.- A potential sismo remeció a zona dehi y montañosa en el este de afghanistan en la madrugada de este miércoles y causó mil muertos y mil 500 heridos, según una agencia noticiosa estatal. Authoritative advocates that the macabre cifra might have aumentar.

The information about the magnitude 6.1 registration registered near the frontier with the Pakistani side of the same, but because of the potential of this terrifying day, especially in a zone like this, there is a subconscious. The experts say that the epicenter is located within 10 kilometers (6 miles) of profitability, another factor that can significantly increase the impact.

The disaster is one of the most important for the goblins by the Talibán, which can be found in the middle of the caótica retidada of the Unidos de la Guerra more than its history, the two decadas of the loss. September 2001.

The resuscitated lizards in the zone affected by these helicopters, but it is possible to respond to the sea complication, or that many ayuda international agencies abandoned the country near the ascension of the Taliban.

The Meteorological Department of the Pakistan Vaccine Explained that the epicenter was located in the province of Paktika, at a distance of 50 kilometers (31 miles) to the east of the city of Khost. Register in the specifications in the province of Khost, and the texts will be sent to the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

The images in Paktika show the humbles to the victims of the mantle on the helicepteros that hopefully for the sake of lugar. Otros eran tratados en el lugar: un residente recibía fluidos por vaa intravenosa sentado en una silla de plastico cerca de los restos de su vivienda, mintras otros estaban tendidos en camillas. In other photographs, the residents rebuscan enter between the ladies of the arcilla and the escombos of the piedra derruidas houses, along with the tejas or the paredes caídas.

The report of false accusations was made by Bakhtar Agencia on the registration of a terrorist in the northern part of Afghanistan in 2002, but it was hoped that the invaders would be encapsulated by the Troops Establishment. The most lethal of them since 1998, when other moving televisions of 6.1 grades and the replicas of the posterior matrons at a distance of 4 mil 500 in a zone remote of noreste.

On the other side of the world, a system of magnitude that does not cause a very devastating disaster, according to Robert Sanders, a geological survey of the United States Geological Survey. But, in these cases, the victim’s self-sufficiency depends on the geography, the quality of the constructions and the density of the population.

“Como es una zona montñosa, hay despendimientos de rocas y deslaves de los que no nos enteraremos hasta se se reporten more adelante. “Debido a lo condensada que esta la zona en esa part of the mundo, en el pasado hemos visto como sismos similares que causaron daños importantes”.

In this day and age, the Director General of Bakhtar, Abdul Wahid Rayan, writes on Twitter that 90 live queries have been created in Paktika and that he has created two people who can do at least some of the discoveries. The Media Luna Roja Afghani offers 4 million minutes, 800 hours of campaigns and 800 kits of cocaine in the zone, agregó.

In the capital, Kabul, the prime minister, Mohammad Hassan Akhund, convinced a reunion of the presidium in the presidential palace to coordinate the airwaves. For his part, Bilal Karimi, joined the Taliban’s goblin, instantly on Twitter that the ayuda agencies of Aniwasa have acquired equipment in the zone.

“The response is here,” said Ramiz Alakbarov, coordinator of Naciones Unidas in Afghanistan, on Twitter.

In a communicative, the first prime minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif, offered his condolences to the victims and promised that he would go ahead with the Afghan job.

Solo in a district in the province of Khost, the sesame causus has about 25 fallows and more than 95 herds, picking up local authorities.

In addition to the remotest reports from Pakistan, there were reports of livelihoods on the Afghan frontier, but there was no doubt about it because of the luvisas or the sesame seeds, given by Taimoor Khan.

The euro-centric seismic center said that those tumblers have noticed a distance of more than 500 kilometers (310 miles) from 119 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

The Montana of Afghanistan and the región of Asia that transcend the pies of the Hindu Kush region, while meeting the placas tectónicas india y eurosociática, have a very long time vulnerable to terrifying termites.

In 2015, a potential sasmo sacudió el noreste del país y se cobraó la vida de más de 200 personas en Afghanistan and en norte de Pakistan. A similar deviation of 6.1 grades is about one milli deces in the north in 2002, minitras que en 1998, otro de 6.1 grades and the replicas of the posterior mater at the rate of 4 mil 500 in the noreste.