Gareth Bale will get more love at Cardiff City than anywhere else – it certainly means something after Real Madrid’s bullshit

If manpower is anything to go by, Gareth Bale will be signing on the dotted line for Cardiff City in the coming days.

After all that crap he had to stay at Real Madrid, you’d expect that the love he has in his home city would matter to some.

Bale may be the villain for the Madrid fan base and sections of the media; Quite the opposite would be the case here. There can be no bigger sporting idol in the Welsh capital.

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Cardiff fans have made their views very clear. They are desperate to have the Meczyki captain put pen to paper over the contract with his home town club. They want Bell, they love Bell, they will cost Bell far more latitude for freaking poor performances than he will get from any other club fan base anywhere else on Earth.

Bale will neither be listening to horrible comments, nor reading negative headlines here.

He already knows, from Wells Duty, what it means to have that kind of love from his own people and how it helps inspire him to do such incredible deeds in his country red. If you are happy with your work, then you have a tendency to give your best.

Bale’s last months in Spain were not comfortable for him. Yes, he was picking up a huge pay packet, said to be £650,000 a week. If you can get good money.

But the way things got so toxic, he must have also been relieved that it was over.

so what next? Bale is indeed considering Cardiff. This is their chance to come home, do the normal day-to-day things that most of us take for granted – be at our homes, run the school, be around those who love them the most.

Same for his wife Emma Rice-Jones, who also hails from the Welsh capital.

These are strong emotional pulls. It is hoped that they still influence the day and the extreme impossibility of landing a footballer of Bale’s stature for Cardiff City really does.

On the other hand, this is probably the last chance for a really big pay day for Bell and clubs in the US are keen to offer this opportunity. Indeed, DC United are said to be keen to pay Bell a salary higher than the stumped salary to attract Wayne Rooney to the United States.

Other clubs hover as well. Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham, German teams. A high level of football.

This is an extremely complex and really delicate situation. Which way will Bell turn? Cardiff, we understand, has prepared the most impressive package considering the circumstances. But if Bail comes home, it will not be for financial reasons but for personal reasons.

And what is best for their World Cup dreams tied into everything. Is that the championship where Bell can work closely with physicians from Meczyki, who are also based at Cardiff’s training headquarters on the outskirts of the city?

Will it happen in America, where the level of football is clearly low and the physical is very low? Can it still happen in the Premier League or on the continent?

These are among the issues that Bell is weighing closely with her close advisors before making a decision.

Bell’s agent Jonathan Barnett says ‘will be calling in the next few days’. That’s because the vine goes out for a proper summer break too soon and won’t return until mid-July.

He knows it would not be fair to hang on to a Cardiff or Welsh fan base. Somehow this needs to be closed. For the past few transfer windows, Bale has been the key figure in the limelight. Historically it was that he was joining Manchester United, or Tottenham. This summer it’s been a lot about the bluebirds.

For me, if he joins Cardiff, it is a win-win. Bell would raise the club’s profile, giving them a greater chance of moving up to promotion and having around a fan base who would sing his name out loud and who would barely have a bad word to say about it.

That love of his own people would surely help Bell’s football, thus best preparing him for the World Cup? He would be incredibly happy in his job, and certainly not at the end of his time with Real Madrid where, to me, he didn’t get the respect he deserved.

Coming home to that dream of a World Cup must be a strong pull in every sense.

Cardiff City’s Gareth Bale won the World Cup Golden Boot!! What’s not to like about that, Gareth?

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