Gatwick to cut flights this summer due to lack of staff

London Gatwick Airport is cutting back on daily flights during the summer to help address staffing issues.

The airport plans to limit the number of daily flights to 825 in July and 850 in August, compared to 900 flights per day during the same period in previous years.

It says the decision came after a review of its operations and that it is “temporarily slowing growth” for two months to help passengers “experience a more reliable and better level of service.”


Lines at Gatwick South Terminal during Anniversary Week (Stephen Jones/PA)

Gatwick added that the cut allows airlines to manage more predictable schedules and help ground handling companies during school holidays, adding that the vast majority of scheduled flights this summer will operate as normal.

An airport audit revealed that a number of companies based in Gatwick continue to operate with a severe shortage of staff during the summer holidays.

The airport warned that if the problem is not resolved, passengers may face queues, delays and flight cancellations.

This comes after a busy holiday week with more than 150 flights across the UK canceled ahead of the anniversary.


The airport plans to limit the number of daily flights to 825 in July and 850 in August (Gareth Fuller/PA).

Airline passengers have been suffering from disruptions for several months, with the situation worsening this week due to increased demand driven by school holidays and a four-day Platinum Anniversary holiday.

The aviation industry is suffering from a workforce shortage after laying off thousands of people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gatwick said it operated about 800 flights a day during the anniversary week.

Gatwick Airport CEO Stuart Wingate said: “Gatwick has prepared well for the resumption of international flights by successfully reopening our South Terminal and we have now successfully hired 400 new employees to help us process passengers quickly through security this summer.

“We are also working closely with our airlines to ensure there is no disruption to passengers this summer, and while new staff will be on board in the coming weeks, we know it will be a busy summer.


Stuart Wingate, General Manager of Gatwick Airport, said: “By taking decisive action now, we are committed to helping ground handlers better align their flight programs with available resources” (Gareth Fuller/PA).

“However, it is clear that during the anniversary week a number of companies operating at the airport experienced difficulties, in particular, due to a shortage of personnel. By taking decisive action now, we are committed to helping ground handlers, as well as our airlines, better align their flight programs with the resources available to them.

“As before, the vast majority of flights will operate as usual throughout the summer and the steps taken today mean our passengers can expect more reliable and better service, as well as better conditions for airport staff. the airport.

“I am immensely grateful to all of our staff for their tireless work over the past few months to restore the airport to working order, as well as for helping passengers during their travels.”