Gerardo Martino could not find his initial defense.

Mexico With Mexico finishing second in the four-match octagonal final and drawing one goal against Canada on Thursday night at the Aztec Stadium, the Mexican national team has been left alone by fans, who have questioned the work. Defensive line, which has seen how 26 different players have been called up in the process of Gerardo Martino.

George Sanchez, Cesar Monts, Nestor Arajo and Jesus Gallardo were the starting defenders in the final try game. A defense that has played together in 3 of the last 4 promises and in all these games they have got the balance of one goal and two draws and one win.

These names may include experienced elements who have left their place for other colleagues due to poor performance or technical decisions. Among them are: Hector Moreno, Miguel Lian, Luis ‘Chaca’ Rodriguez, Diego Reiss and Carlos Salcedo.

In addition, Martino has chosen to use the two fronts as central defenders, Edson Alvarez and Luis Romeo.

Alvarez was consolidated at the club level as a container and this is the position he used in his time with Ajax of the Netherlands. In the same situation, Cruz Azul, Luis Romo, who was behind in a friendly match against Algeria, shared the field with Hector Moreno and Nestor Arajo.


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