Ghuslin Maxwell entered court with handcuffs around his ankles before sentencing.


Ritesh socialite Ghuslin Maxwell has been told she “regularly engages in prohibited sexual activity” as she faces a possible 65-year prison sentence.

The 60-year-old man was convicted in December last year of seducing teenage girls for massage between 1994 and 2004 by Jeffrey Epstein.

Ahead of his sentencing hearing Tuesday, Maxwell arrived with handcuffs around his ankles as he made his way to his seat in the courtroom in the Southern District of New York.

Wearing a prison-issued uniform, he spoke only to confirm that he had read the pre-sentence report and discussed it with his legal team, saying: “I want to read it. Had a chance. “

Maxwell was labeled “dangerous” by prosecutors during his three-week trial last year, and he helped lure vulnerable teenagers to various properties of a defaulter for sexual abuse. Was

Maxwell’s victims are ready to tell the court about their “relentless and invincible campaign to meet Epstein’s sexual needs” and his “retromatization” of giving evidence during the trial.

Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking in December last year (US Department of Justice / PA). / PA Media

The victims, Sarah Ransom, Elizabeth Stein, Anne Farmer and the accuser, known as “Kate”, were all present in the courtroom, as well as controversial jeweler Scotty David – who called Maxwell’s lawyer for a retrial. When he failed to show that he was a victim. Of sexual abuse.

Maxwell was accused of sexually abusing minors in December last year, conspiring to persuade a minor to travel to engage in illicit sex, and conspiring to transfer a minor with intent to engage in criminal sex. Was convicted.

He was also found guilty of engaging in criminal sexual activity and taking a minor with the intention of conspiring to sexually abuse minors.

Maxwell’s defense attorneys sought a delay in sentencing through a motion filed Saturday, saying he had been placed on “suicide surveillance” and “keeping and reviewing legal documents.” Was not allowed. “

Maxwell lured vulnerable teens to massage rooms on Epstein’s various features (PA graphics).

Despite not being part of the indictment, the Duke of York defendant, Virginia Geffery’s impressive statement is to be read in court, where she says Maxwell “opened the door to hell.”

Andrew has always vehemently denied Ms. Geffery’s allegations.

During Tuesday morning’s hearing, Judge Allison Nathan said Ms. Geffery was eligible as a minor victim in the case, despite not being named in the indictment.

Ms. Geffery’s lawyer read out her client’s letter to the judge.

He said: “I am receiving the court order. As explained in our petition, due to a medical issue, Ms. Geffery may not be physically present in the courtroom, but has stated that I will be able to read her statement at the hearing.

“I would like to clarify the order of Your Honor that I will be allowed to read a part of Ms. Geffery’s statement at the hearing.”

The other defendants, Annie Farmer and Kate, were told that their statements could be read orally in court, and three others were told that they could read their statements in brief.

In passing his sentence, the prosecution urged Judge Nathan to sentence Maxwell to between 30 and 55 years for his crimes.

Maxwell’s maximum legal term is 65 years.

After a legal debate about the escalating factors in the case, the judge ruled that the case falls within the guidelines of 188-235 months in prison.

Ahead of the lunch break, Judge Allison Nathan said she still intended to fine the defendant when the court heard that Jeffrey Epstein had left her a 10 million will.

Throughout the trial, the court heard how it enforced a “culture of silence … design” on Epstein’s property, where staff were told to “see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing.” ۔

Judge Nathan said he agreed that Maxwell had described the staff at Epstein’s Palm Beach residence in Florida as “blind, deaf and dumb.”

The judge also said Maxwell’s prison sentence would be increased because of his “oversight role in broader criminal activity.”

During the morning session of his conviction, the defendant often played with his hair and adjusted his mask.

Maxwell took a sip of his Fiji water, which was delivered to him by his sister Isabel before the hearing began.

One of Maxwell’s accusers, who testified under the name “Jane”, told the judges that in addition to attracting her to the orgy at the age of 14, the defendant and Epstein would like each other. And they will laugh in front of him.

She also told the judges how Epstein would use her sex toys “even though it hurts”, and she did not tell anyone about the abuse because she was “scared” and “horrible and embarrassed.” “She was.

Maxwell’s trial also heard how he told another defendant, who testified under the pseudonym “Caroline” that she had “a great body for Epstein and her friends.”

Caroline said the defendant had told her before touching her breasts in Epstein’s massage room that her body was fine.

The judges also heard how Caroline was introduced to the hunting couple by Mrs. Geffery, and that they were in the same room when Epstein and Ms. Geffery had sex.

The third defendant, who testified under the pseudonym “Kate,” said he had Maxwell prepare a schoolgirl’s dress for him before having sex with Epstein.

Virginia Geffery’s impressive statement is to be read in court, where she says Maxwell ‘opened the door to hell’ (Crime + Investigation / PA) / PA Media

Kate said the defendant then told Epstein to take his tea in his clothes, and when the accuser asked why the clothes were on his bed, Maxwell said he thought it would be fun. ۔

The jury was told that Maxwell asked Kate if she knew of anyone who could come to her house and have oral sex with Epstein because it was “a lot to do for her.”

The only defendant, Anne Farmer, who testified in her full name, told the judges that she was “frozen” when Socialite asked her to undress for massage and rub her breasts.

Ms. Farmer said the defendant encouraged her to massage Epstein’s feet at the age of 16 after teaching her how to do so.

Maxwell’s defense attorney tried to distance him from Epstein, but a series of photographs revealed the couple’s close relationship.

The girls were taken on Epstein’s property on the private planes of the defaulter financier (US Department of Justice / PA) / PA Media

Epstein was found dead in his cell in a federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Death was declared suicide.

Maxwell, who has been in US custody since his arrest in July 2020, will be sentenced Tuesday morning.