Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees could finally play outfield this week

Boston Jenkarlo Stanton was never found on the left field in Fenway Park.

After not playing since the 2019 playoffs, the Yankees said before the series that Stanton would have time against the Red Sox this weekend. But those plans have changed, Aaron Bone said Sunday Chris Guttierez landed on the injured list with a right ankle After tripping on his bat on Saturday.

Guttierez, Bonn, said Sunday would be a defensive Sunday against left-hander Martin Perez, and Stanton’s left.

The Yankees say they plan to use Stanton on the left when they visit Miami this week, as there is no DH in National League Park.

“I think he’s ready to do it and prepare himself for it,” Bonn said earlier. 5-4 loss on Sunday. “So I expect it to be in Miami next week.”

Stanton’s struggle against Boston continued, as he attacked twice on Sunday – including the seventh, when the Yankees filled the bases with an out against Perez.

Giancarlo Stanton returned to the dugout after striking out the Red Sox on Sunday.
Giancarlo Stanton
New York Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Josh Taylor – another lefty – came face to face with Stanton, who whispered again.

He entered the season with .426 ops against the Red Sox this season, his worst match against any team more than three times and he has doubled in 13 games, two RBIs, seven walks and There are 7 players with 21 strike outs and 42 runs.

Putting Gatton in the IL opened up a roster space for Geo Archila, who returned from the COVID-19 IL and went 3 for 1 with Walk and RBI.

With Guttierez out, DJ Lehmio started at the first base. Luke White is out with left knee inflammation and Bone wasn’t sure if he would be back this week, with the Yankees heading to Tampa Bay and Miami.

“I know Luke is doing really well,” Bonn said [Saturday] He was walking and felt as good as if he had felt for a long time. We are being encouraged [by] Where is he? Hopefully, it won’t be long before he gets caught.

Judge Aaron and Kill Higgishoka. Both are still on Code IL – Arrived in Boston on Sunday and was to travel to Tampa with the team on Sunday night. The couple will undergo a cardio test and exercise on Monday.

Gary Sanchez also returned to the lineup after that Leaving Friday’s loss and sitting on Saturday because of the back.

Sanchez hit the second triple of his career and scored at number eight, but also hit the ball passing on strike out, allowing Xander Bogaarts to reach the base.

Glauber Torres has continued to hit the top eight games in a single season, stealing his fourth base in three games, but was also snatched from the second base in the eighth.

After the Yankees went with Asher Wojciechowski instead of Goddess Garcia for Spot Start last week, Garcia suffered another poor performance on Sunday with Triple-A Scraten / Volks Berry, leaving him with just three. Three homers and four walks in the innings.

According to Bonn, the Yorks will give Gerrit Cole and Jameson Tallinn an extra day to rest before the next start, Jordan Montgomery will travel to Tampa Bay on Tuesday, followed by Nestor Curtis Jr. on Wednesday and Cole on Thursday. Will be according to Bonn.


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