Giants vs. Cowboys Troubles, Analysis and Forecasts for the 5 NFL Games All Week.

The New York Giants won their first win of the season last week, 27-21 in New Orleans. It was a game that featured some impressive figures for Big Blue, with Daniel Jones’ 402 passing yards and Kenny Goulade’s 116 racing yards topping the list. It was also worth noting that Cadarius Tony’s six catches for 78 yards and John Ross’s 52-yard touchdown bomb. Even with Sterling Shepard and Darius Slaton out, the giants barely lost their weapons.

Although there were two statistics that were disappointing for the giants. Saints quarterback James Winston and Tessum Hill’s 26-pass effort, the Giants had zero sacks and zero quarterback hits. If that number is repeated late Sunday in Arlington, Texas, New York, it will be blown up by Jerry World by Doc Prescott and friends. But I don’t think so. The Giants were averaging two sacks in a game before last week, and now every defensive player wearing a blue suit will have a fire under his ladder.

The Giants season has so far included three final margins of six points or less. Dallas has played three of four close games, and Ezekiel Elliott (knee) and Omar Cooper (hamstring) are on his mid-week injury list. I’m looking for Jones to finally win and I’m happy to have a generous touch down head start.

to choose: Giants, +7.

New York Jets (+3) over the Atlanta Falcons.

After watching some of these London games in recent years, I have come to the conclusion that given the long journey and unfamiliar environment, the team will be more excited. I understand that the team will be the Jets, who will have their first victory against Tennessee last week. Not only did he fire Ryan Tan Hale seven times, the way CJ Mosley and Quincy Williams were launching in Derrick Henry sounded like a “maiden” video game. Atlanta is dangerous on screens and slants, but Matt Ryan doesn’t have a big horse to run behind that the Jets have to worry about, and that too without Calvin Ridley at the top. If the Jets can play from the front, it could be another high sack tomorrow and possibly a very pleasant flight home across the pond for Gang Green.

Daniel Jones.

Detroit Lions (+9) over the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s the kind of game where you blow your nose and take big points. The Lions are 0-4 but spread out against the 49ers and Ravens, and were ahead at half time in Green Bay. They lost 10 last week in Chicago after two openings and a goalless draw. Dan Campbell’s team still looks like a living big dog.

New Orleans Saints (-2) on the Washington football team.

The Saints should pay better attention after losing 11 points, the fourth quarter lead against the Giants. WFT won on a late return to Atlanta but could be without TE Logan Thomas and OG Brendan Sheriff, two of the main culprits.

New England Patriots (-9) more than Houston Texans.

I’ve been burned several times in recent years giving big points to the Patriots, but I don’t see an alternative here. Houston has been knocked out 64-9 in two Davis Mills starts and I don’t see Mc Jones helping them with a lot of business here.

Miami Dolphins (+10) on top of the Tampa Bay Buckeyes.

Another sniffer. In the last three weeks, Miami has lost 35-0 to Buffalo and 27-17 to Indianapolis, 27-3 before the two-time score. But the Dolphins are a 2-0 ATS on the road, so they may be able to refocus enough to stay close to a boxing team that is struggling in secondary and winning an exciting, emotional prime time in New England.

Cincinnati Bungalows (+3) above Green Bay Packers.

The line has dropped from 3.5 to a key number of 3, and despite public support from the Packers, there is probably a rat to sniff in this reverse line movement. Joe Maxon may miss the game, but the Bengals have defended all season and have a few extra days to prepare for Thursday night’s win over Jacksonville.

Aaron Rogers.

Pittsburgh Steelers on the Denver Broncos (-1)

I try to include as many “sharp” disabilities as possible in these picks, but it’s straight from the “square” school. The Steelers’ offense has been terrible so far, but I’m looking for a team that can score a few points and eventually win the game. Teddy Bridge Water’s connection protocol will be the key to line movement before kick-off.

Carolina Panthers (-3) on the Philadelphia Eagles.

After three wins, the Panthers were smoked by the Cowboys before a short touchdown made the score respectable. Sam Darnald had two quick touchdowns in the game and will open his entire playbook against the Eagles, who have dropped 83 points in the last two weeks.

Tennessee Titans (-4.5) more than Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jaguars were already 0-4, and now you have to wonder what kind of impact. Urban Mayor Bar Room Antiques. It will be at his disposal. After the defeat at the hands of the Jets, the Titans will be angry and will go away with Henry in defense of the Jaguars.

Los Angeles Chargers on the Cleveland Browns (+2.5).

This line has grown faster than Chargers-1 when the nation saw what Justin Herbert did to the raiders. The Browns have a much better defense – they are second per game yard and points are allowed per game. A win behind the Chiefs and Readers and a short week could have a small effect on the Bolts, and a few extra points could be significant.

John Groden
Getty Images

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS (-5.5) on the Chicago Bears.

I wish I could choose to bat directly, because I want to know if the raiders can avoid their seemingly necessary 14-0 hole. If so, it would be difficult for Justin Fields and the Bears to hang out with them. John Groden is looking to fix it and the Raiders are currently playing a full 60 minutes.

More than the San Francisco 49ers (+5) ARIZONA CARDINALS.

Arizona was the only NFL team to win 4-0, which shows you how difficult it is to win every week in this era. We’re getting some extra points because the trilogy will probably start for 49 years, but the choice is more about a card cloner.

Buffalo Bills (+3) on Kansas City Chiefs.

Bill is my Super Bowl pick, so if he’s going to be the best, you have to back him up against a team that still believes he’s the best. Even a small spread can make a difference with the Chiefs on a 3-12 run ATS.


Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) on Indianapolis Colts.

This line has come down to a key number of 7.5 to 7, so that it can indicate some supportive action on Colts. Going with the Ravens, though, as their defense has brightened, and Lamar Jackson is hitting some long throws to hone his other crazy skills.

Best terms: Saints, Jets, Titans.

Saturday lock: Saints (1-2 lakh in 2021).

Previous Week: Overall 8-8, 2-1 best bets.

Thursday: Reims (W)


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