Glastonbury Family Became Lottery Millionaire for the First Time – In Old Trailer

The festival-obsessed couple prepare for their first Glastonbury weekend as millionaires after winning a National Lottery prize and set off in a used trailer.

Tefen Webster, 45, and Arran Taylor, 41, won £1 million last year by matching five main numbers and a bonus ball.

The couple, who live in Bridgewater, have been regulars at the Somerset Music Festival for more than 20 years.


Stephen Webster and Arran Taylor won £1m lottery in April 2021 and are Glastonbury fans, gone since 1997 and leaving for the first time since Covid (Martin Bennett/Camelot/PA).

In recent years, they have only attended the event on Sundays due to family obligations, but this year they will attend the entire event for the first time since becoming parents.

Mr. Webster, instrumentation engineer at the power plant, said: “My first Glastonbury was a failure, but I really enjoyed it. Since then I have been to every festival.

“Of course, things changed a bit when our first child was born in 2011. Although we took our eight-week-old baby with us that year, it was only for one day.

“We’ve been doing that ever since, we don’t camp, we just leave on Sunday.

“However, now our kids are a bit older, the four of us are going to go all weekend for the first time. We are all very excited.”

Ms. Taylor, who has attended the festival with Mr. Webster since 2002, has many happy memories.

“Over the years we have seen amazing live music. U2 is definitely an event for me, they played the Sunday night after my oldest daughter was born so I took her home and came back to see them because they are my absolute favourites,” she said.


Steven and Arran have been going to the festival together for 20 years (family handout/PA)

“However, it’s not all about the music at Glastonbury – although it’s absolutely out of this world – there’s so much going on that you can’t plan anything, you just have to go with the flow.”

The family will travel to the festival in a used van, giving them access to their own toilet, fridge and shower.

“I don’t think we’ve ever showered at Glastonbury before, having a caravan would be a complete luxury,” said Ms Taylor, an optics salesman.

“Planning our visit as lottery winners was completely different, we didn’t have to think about how to save money or where we could cut costs, we were able to focus solely on how to make the trip as enjoyable as possible.

“And the fact that we’re traveling with our kids means this Glastonbury will be like no other and the four of us can’t wait.

“Honestly, the biggest pleasure will be the opportunity to buy drinks in bars.

“Usually because the festival is so long, we take all our drinks and spend most of the weekend sipping warm lager.

“The fact that money won’t be an issue this time around is just a great feeling.


The couple won £1 million in the National Lottery last year (Martin Bennett/Camelot/PA).

“We’ll also be looking for something a little different and we won’t have to think twice about pampering ourselves.

“Back in 2010, there was actually a temporary restaurant run by several Michelin-starred chefs, and if something like this comes up again, we’ll jump at the chance to get involved.

“As for the children this year, their tastes are very different from ours. The kids love Billie Eilish, who we wouldn’t necessarily pick, but they really want to see her.”

Ms Taylor said winning the lottery allowed them to spend more time together as a family.

“I forgot that this happened because we are trying to maintain a normal life for our children, but then you remember, this is incredibly interesting,” she added.

“There are more opportunities to make good memories with children and take advantage of those opportunities when they are available.”