GM has also been deepened by the NHL’s flat cap

Here we see the seemingly highly disposable Alex Neljjkok.

Here we seem to see the extremeDisposable Alex نیلڈجکووک
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While the NHL weekend is the main story – and should be. Montreal GM Mark Bourgeois ignores all politeness, logic and the player’s own desires To prepare the alleged draft Sex offender Logan Melux, that doesn’t mean it was just a story. With the pay cap remaining flat for at least the next few years, the NHL is in a weird place these days (although given its new TV deal and everything else, expect to fight anywhere in the near future) Of). This means that the majority of teams have to toss better than the equipment, even useful things, to fit the hat. You would expect some trades to be set aside in view of the handcuffed position, but the last few days have been a bright, shining example of how small GM is for the most part.

With the Carolina hurricane over the weekend, the Detroit Red Wings were nominated with only Golanki Alex Neljjkoch, Jonathan Bernier and third-round pick Chen. Neldjkovic was Calder’s finalist And for the first full season, the savings were .932%. Ken was better than better. In the Play Office, It has .920% savings, And is currently facing the Tampa Fire Squad for five games. And Kane allegedly lost more than million 1.5 million, giving you an idea of ​​how narrow the margin is. Wings happily, and perhaps in its own shock, signed Nedeljkovic for an annual تو 3 million extension. Kane has an extension to work with Andrei Svetnikov, and would like to bring back Dougie Hamilton, but he also has a hat-trick of about $ 30 million. GM Don Waddell He claims to be looking for an experienced netizen For the expected cup of cans, but it’s hard to know which one of the ones coming on the market is better than Nedeljuk. This is a position that Kane has been trying to offset over the years, and like most teams, They just refuse to learn.

The fact that the move is barely a weekend delicacy and tells you about the offices around the league in front of Barf-Plozo.

We turn to flyers, who constantly think that they can solve most of their targeting problems by finding a defense squad. He dropped Robert Hague and a first-rounder to get Rasmus Rastulin from the buffalo. Restolinen has had a complete chuckle for most of his career, and the league should have known through Tyler Myers that Buffalo ever offered any of its blue liners. You need to hang up the phone immediately, if you don’t throw it against the wall. Rustolin has a relationship with positioning and angles that could be better described as “alien”, and flyers fans will come out with batteries for this dope thanks to Giving.

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. In an attempt to prove that the New York Rangers may be the most nickel-dragging organization after what they apparently “gained” during their reconstruction, they named the real top six Wangel Powell for the bustling horse Sammy Bliss. Launched Buchnevich in St. Louis. Belize! We all know what blur means, so you two were playing cards. ”). The Rangers are going through a stage where every team seems to be in trouble where they think the answer to their worries is more “grinding” because some of the Plocos in the blue seats keep shouting about it once on WFAN (blue). Do seats) MSG now exists. You got it). It definitely makes the Rangers worse, but you really can’t trust a GM like Chris Dory, who retired with a head injury, notice that there is only one line in the Rangers’ trouble. And that Kapu Kaku can’t be rude. .

And again, maybe not the worst! The Hawks, desperate to hand out yet another ridiculous contract otherwise they might die (which would be doing us all a favor), not only gave up promising, 20-year-old d-man Adam Boqvist, not only gave up two first-round picks to get Seth Jones, but then handed Jones an eight-year, $76 million extension. Jones is a good player, but was woeful last season, and has done nothing to prove that he’s worth the third-biggest cap hit for a defensemen anywhere. The analytics are not kind to Jones the past three years, and, according to those, it looked like he peaked three years ago. He will only be 27 when the season starts, so it’s hard to believe that he’s on the downside of his career yet. But he’s rarely if ever shown to be a team-turning player, and yet the Hawks couldn’t wait to pay him like one. Can’t fathom how they’ve missed the playoffs four years running.

(This is where I would insert the disgust some Hawks fans, including myself, have of the team making a Q-pilled, MAGA shithead like Jones the face of their team in the near future, but let’s do that another time).

And then there’s the special Arizona Coyotes division of this weeks’ bonanza. They took on the salaries of Andrew Ladd and Shayne Gostisbehere From the island and the flyers, respectively, which gave them a pair Second round Picks next year. But he did nothing about the first round, which cost him this year Hockey Therinos co-founder John ChakaDraft Chen’s illegal work in the past. The UTs then managed to cash in on Oliver-Ekman Larson in Vancouver for ڈالر 12 million worth of junk in Beagle, Anton Russell, and Louis Eriksson, who got them back as first-rounders this season. But he also abandoned Connor Garland, which was probably his only commercial piece of interest. So they got more lottery tickets for a known price. Clinton Keller, Nick Schmaltz, Christian Doverk, and Jacob Chechran, who are the only players to have signed after 2023. Good luck with all that. Definitely able to keep this team around, they really like the league.

As for Canucks, the acquisition of OEL four years ago was a huge step forward. In recent years, the Ekman Larsen desert sun has definitely taken on a weird color, and if they really go next season with Oil, Myers and Nate Schmidt, they have the biggest sulfur stink in the league. D will be a man. Growing alien hair among them. Jim Benning is an addict.

There’s something great about these deals, but it’s the usual business in the league that keeps Duffys Farm members iring to run their own teams.


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