Goldberg trades word of mouth with the former WWE Champion.

Goldberg. And the former WWE Champion Gender Palace In the recent confrontation, there were some severe verbal shocks at each other.

Goldberg and Palace appeared as special guests on the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump. While the two were being interviewed together, Mahal was asked who he would like to face if he were to challenge for a future WWE Championship. He had to say:

“I would really like to face Goldberg,” Palace said. “Bill, I grew up looking at you. Why do you think I got these big nets? The reason is that when I was a kid I was looking at you, started lifting milk jugs, shoulders. It will be an honor to share the ring with you, and it will be an even greater honor to beat you for this WWE Championship, the second WWE Championship to be held by a modern day Maharaja. ۔

Goldberg had a simple answer, and he closed the castle.

“Well, we can all dream, can’t we?” Goldberg said.

Goldberg added that it was an honor to hear the kind words of the palace. The Modern Day Maharaja later suggested to WrestleMania that the two men have a fair chance to come face to face. Goldberg suggested facing both in India.

Goldberg said he would “add” Mahal to the list before directing the conversation.

Gender Palace and Goldberg will soon face each other for the WWE Championship.

Speaking on The Bump, Mahal made his intentions clear after the WWE Championship. That being said, there is another obstacle in his way at the moment in the form of the former champion. Drew McIntyre..

Palace and McIntyre will face off at the WWE Summer Sale this week. If the modern-day Maharaja succeeds in defeating the Scottish Warrior, he could potentially line up for a shot at the WWE Championship.

Bobby Lashley currently holds the award, but that could change this weekend. Lashley will defend the title against Goldberg in the WWE Summer Sale. The former WCW star could be on his way to winning his first WWE Championship. If that happens, Goldberg vs. Palace could soon become a reality.

Do you think we’ll see Gender Palace vs Goldberg anytime soon? Turn off the sound in the comments section below.

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To discuss this week’s episode of WWE RAW, in which Goldberg competed against Lashley, watch the video below.

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