Google for Startups Deploys $4M Grant Funding to 40 Black-Lead Startups Across Europe – Meczyki.Net

In an effort to kick-start a large number of black tech founders in Europe last year Google for Startups Launched a $2m (£1.5m) grant fund to help clear and tackle racial inequality in the European tech industry. That fund doubled to $4m (£3m) and will now receive grants from 40 black-led tech startups across Europe.

Each startup will be mentored by industry performance and connections within Google’s network, up to $100,000 in non-delivery cash prizes, up to $200,000 in cloud credits and advertising support.

Before the fund’s launch in 2021, less than 0.25% of venture capital (VC) funding went to black-led startups in the UK.

British tech startups will constitute two-thirds of the 40 companies selected across Europe, and span beauty, fashion, education, construction and food/beverage.

Marta Krupinska, Google’s head of startup UK: “For the second year in a row we have been able to bust the myth of the ‘pipeline problem’. Europe is a treasure trove of talent from underrepresented backgrounds – we’re looking to double last year’s funding and create 40 fantastic Very excited to partner with companies, two-thirds of which are based in the UK, and a third are led by women.”

The full list is below (with details provided by the startup itself):

Align (Sweden): Lifelong learning, quantified and validated for increased productivity in the information age.

Automi AI (France): Automi empowers manufacturers to automate more tasks than ever before. Platform uses ML to organize mobile supercomputers that users connect to their workstations and train them to perform repetitive tasks.

^ Base Plus (UK): Combining data, machine learning and formulation expertise to create precise and personalized skincare.

Bezi (Germany): SaaS-enabled Market for Content Production

Bloomful (UK): Providing a digitally enabled care pathway to beer gynecological health.

^ Boxx (UK): Combining boxing inspired fitness with smart technology to provide a fun and accessible way to workout.

Compare Ethics (UK): A sustainable product intelligence and compliance platform that enables companies to manage, verify and communicate responsible product claims at scale.

Deep Meta (UK): Predicting production defects in metals.

Devo (UK): An end-to-end operating system enabling the digital transformation of convenience stores.

Ecobell (UK): An ecosystem of on-demand web applications that use contactless technology to track how people access, communicate and interact with each other, unrestricted by device.

Ackie (France): Ackie facilitates access to legal services for employees to improve the balance they need between their professional and personal lives.

Feniska (Germany): A Berlin-based health-tech stack-up building IoT products to help cat and dog owners track the health of their pets.

FoodLama (UK): Online grocery shopping with preferences, made easy.

Framework (UK): The world’s first on-demand business school, designed specifically for startups.

Fresh Africa (France): Fresh Africa is a Paris-based foodtech company that uses blockchain technology to deliver a beer food experience and connect small-scale farmers in Africa to the world.

Gigbridge (UK): A recruitment platform for construction companies to hire and hire skilled construction workers.

GoodLoans (UK): AI-powered digital lending platform for emerging markets.

Hyndr (Germany): The B2B Marketplace for the Hydrogen Economy.

ID Protect (France): ID Protect is 3D secure for identity documents, changing the game in prevention against fraud and identity theft.

^ Cuorum (Spain): SaaS for legal and secure online voting

Lenkey (UK): Providing embedded lending infrastructure to enable online platforms to be a source of funding for their business users.

Liquisto (Germany): Liquisto is a data-driven platform of digital solutions to permanently convert excess industrial inventory into liquidity for manufacturers and new utility for end users of industrial equipment.

Materials Nexus (UK): Accelerating the transition to net-zero materials.

Moonhub (UK): Vial reality training platform.

Nolia (UK): Solving the health care demand-supply mismatch with Playrum, our fractional clinician marketplace.

Oni (UK): A B2B SaaS company that enables fashion retailers and brands to reap the benefits of resale and the secondary market through peer-to-peer resale.

Pace Revenue (UK): Providing real-time, automated decision intelligence and industry leading BI to the hospitality industry.
Propel (Germany): Propel Tech is building a multi-layered digital infrastructure to power the talent economy.
Propel (UK): A women-focused financial investment platform designed to help women invest more regularly and build wealth.

Reach Industries (UK): A platform that leverages computer vision, voice and ML to accelerate life sciences in laboratories.

Reframed (Germany): Inclusive eyewear products for a diverse world.

Ruka (UK): Ruka’s vision is to be the definitive hair brand for black women globally, building an ecosystem of hair solutions that really work.

^ Sojo (UK): A sustainable fashiontech stop centralizing and modernizing the clothing repair and sewing industry.

SympliFi (UK): A digital lending platform that facilitates access to credit by making credit limitless to underserved micro and SME businesses in developing countries.

Tinto (UK): A wellness app for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

TRIM-IT (UK): The UK’s first app-powered mobile barbershop.

VerifyMyAge (UK): Creates security technology solutions designed to make the Internet safer by solving compliance and security problems with age assurance, identity authentication and content moderation.

UT (UK): An AI-powered conscious beauty marketplace.

Yvee (France): Yvee assists companies with 3 main stages of the recruitment process: sourcing, skills screening and selection.

Zest (Netherlands): Zest has developed a Sovereign-driven, personalized lifestyle treatment to prevent, control and reverse chronic conditions such as diabetes without spending much on medications.