Google launches a musical tool to tune your guitar like a professional.

Favorite search engine in Latin America continues to innovate. Technical tools. And on this occasion, his contribution is nothing more and no less than a. Electronic tuner You can get it from your computer, cell phone or any device with internet.

What is this device about? The premise is very simple, it’s one. Toner that you can access from your browser., Which focuses on music learners who want to keep their guitar ready for their classes or studies.

his name is Google Toner And you don’t have to install extensions or applications to use it, because you just have to enter the name of the tool in the search engine.

How can I tune my guitar with Google?

of the. Tune your guitar to Google. All you have to do is search. “Google Toner” In the browser, a microphone icon will appear later, which you can press to allow the sound to start recording.

Once you start playing, you will see that the light starts according to the device. The tones you are reaching with your guitar.. Google Toner It will tell you if you should increase or decrease the pitch and the platform will prompt you once you have the instrument.

It is recommended that you test it with any device. Google Music Tool, Is a good microphone to record sound properly.

Remember for that. Turn on Google Toner. Just touch Guitar or bass strings., To find out if it is necessary. Adjust the tuning Have you tried this tool yet? what do you think about it?



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