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Google Maps is introducing a new widget for Android that will be another use for the functionality that helped make a name for Waze, other The driving and mapping app that Google acquired nearly a decade ago: it will now show live traffic around you not only in the app but in a widget that you can access on your lock screen.

Google Maps already provides estimated arrival and travel times, and with yellow/orange/red colors indicating whether your route is more or less congested. The Live Traffic Widget will be an additional, user-friendly tool for users, giving them a better idea of ​​how busy an area will be if they need to save their travel time or even scrum. Routes need to be adjusted without needing to be opened. App.

The feature will work with zoom in and out to see traffic in a specific area without looking at the wider map in the app. Earlier you needed to open the app to see traffic conditions, but now you can check it at a glance from your home screen.

The widget is becoming available to users in the coming weeks, so you might not see it in your widget library yet. You will still need to launch Maps for this to work.

“Whether you’re traveling or visiting friends, Google Maps’ real-time traffic forecast can help you easily plan your route. And thanks to the new Nearby traffic widget launching in the coming weeks Plus, you’ll see this information for your current location directly from your Android home screen,” the company said.

While widgets are certainly a more convenient way to view app activity in some scenarios, they also serve another purpose: to attract more people to use the app as a whole, especially in times of need. Earlier I used to feel very uncomfortable.

With the launch of Live Traffic Widget, there are now 35 Google Widgets available on Android.

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Google Maps Has a New Widget That Shows You Live Traffic Status in Your Nearby Area

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