GOP governors in their states ignore the issues of Covid 19 to meet with Greg Abbott for another border stunt.

Meanwhile, South Dakota has seen an increase in COVID-19 hospitals, Valley News Live. Reported. In Idaho, “The corona virus killed a member of the Lieutenant Governor’s Education Task Force who tested speculation in Idaho schools over the summer,” he said. Idaho Statesman Reported on Thursday. The state surpassed 3,000 deaths this week, the report said.

Immigrant rights advocacy group America Voice said the “condemnation of this move could not be more clear.” Said “He denies and denies the devastation of COVID-19. He seeks to divert attention from his failure to protect the people of his state. In the meantime, the Cowboys are running wild in their states with a low transmission rate. The highest in the country. ”

It is also a ploy by the leaders who have made their xenophobic position very clear. Nebraska Government Pete Ricketts Office. He was forced to clarify remarks made earlier this year. Claiming that undocumented workers at state meat packing plants will not be eligible for the vaccine because they do not work there. Oh, do a lot. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, meanwhile, has spread lies that “immigrants bring disease” and claimed that “[p]The problem is that the southern border is open and we have 88 countries that are crossing the border and do not have vaccines. Reported In July.

This is a racist troupe. Recently, Dr. Anthony Fookie debunked, Chief Medical Adviser to the President “When you have 700,000 Americans dead and millions and millions and millions of Americans being affected, you don’t want to see the problem outside. The problem is with our own country. He said this in a CNN interview last weekend. “Immigrants can certainly be affected, but they are not the driving force. Let’s face it.” When asked if the poll results were true, 55 percent of Republicans believe immigrants are responsible for the infection, Foucault replied. “No, not at all.”

Meanwhile, things that are often overlooked are the abuse of black asylum seekers, especially immigrants. A few days ago, nine black immigrants filed a civil rights complaint over dangerous conditions while in federal immigration custody. This is a humanitarian crisis. But you did not hear calls for his release during this stunt on the border this week. Brian Palmer, director of the Endowment Block Network’s Interim Policy and Advocacy, said: Can. “

“Government Abbott and the rest of the Republican gossip mongers have not taken COVID seriously since the epidemic began. Their goal is not to protect human lives but to fan racial hatred.” Said Voice of Mario Carrillo, Texas-based Campaign Manager for America. “Instead of promoting measures to help protect their citizens from epidemics, these governors are sacrificing immigrants and politicizing public health. They put the health of their political careers before the health of their citizens.” have been.

Carillo also called on GOP officials to lodge a number of complaints, but they did not have humanitarian or goodwill solutions. “Republicans are not entirely interested in working on a bilateral basis to address the challenges of a broken immigration system constructively,” he added. “Today’s governors’ press conference is further proof that for Republicans, the border is all about politics, not matter.”

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