GORP-led Maricopa board seeks ای 2.8 million from Arizona GOP Senate for equipment damaged in fraud

But after delivering its election materials to the county Senate, the Senate allowed Cyber ​​Ninja and other firms to handle, test and test it.

“None of these companies have been approved by the US Election Assistance Commission to test or audit election equipment,” Adil wrote. “Because county equipment was compromised under Senate control, it was made unusable, not only in Arizona. everyone circle of authority. He went on to say that election and cybersecurity experts, including homeland security experts, have agreed that “there is no mechanism in place to ensure the integrity of the machines in future elections.”

In other words, Fan, your Vico ‘Ninja’ team collected our stuff. Time to pay

The letter contained some wonderful flowers, including a knife-wielding fan congratulating Fan as a “fine businesswoman” and a “prominent government employee.”

But in the end, it concludes:The county is ready to settle all its claims against the Senate for لاکھ 2 million., Eight hundred and thirty-three thousand, two hundred and twenty dollars (8 2,833,220.00), which is the cost to the county taxpayers to replace the equipment that was compromised and was useless while in Senate custody and control. ۔

Adeel gave the Senate 60 days to get the county on offer, according to Arizona state law. KPNX NBC Reporter Brahma Resink.. After that, the county will likely sue.

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