Gran Bretaña Extradition to the EU by Julian Assange

London.- The goblins of Great Britain are ordained by the wikiLeaks fundraiser WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, the United States for the prevention of espionage cargoes, an important part, but not definitive, for the legalization of a battalion.

WikiLeaks says it will recover the request, and has a plaque of 14 days to present an application.

The secret British intelligence, Priti Patel, firmly ordered the assignment of the Assange to the United States, where infantry cargoes were made public on WikiLeaks, one of the most important documents of the clause is more than a decadal.

The decision was made by the man Patel luego de that a British court determines in April that Assange could be united to the United States for what could be fought by 17 cargoes of espionage and one of its indefinite number of computers. From the status quo to the Chelsea Manning, the intelligence analyst, the rober cables, diplomas and archives are very popular.

The Minister of Interior indicated in a communication that “the great tribunals of Gran Bretaña have not discovered that the sr. Assange could be upset, wrong or an abusive process ”and that, because of that, the executive approves the mediation.

“Tampoco has determined that the sea of ​​compatibility with its human beings is inclusive, including its justification for a just or the freedom of expression, and that our estates in the United States will be treated with the added form, including our

The followers and the assemblies of Assange, the 50-year-old, who was acting as a periodical and who had the privileges that conceded the Prime Minister’s Enlightenment for the publication of the expedition. Expression of Expression Expression Expression. Iraq and Afghanistan. Because the casino has political motives and that in the country there is no justification.

“Hue koi es l final de la lucha. Es el comimenzo de una nueva batalla legal”, dijo la esposa de Assange, Stella Assange, aadiendo que la decisión es “a day to explore the freedom of the princes and for the British democracy”.

“Julian no Hizu Nada Malo”, Manifesto. “No, he is not a delinquent and he is not a criminal. He is a periodist and editor, and he is casting his hassle.”

Luegogo de una batalla legal que llegó hasta el tribunal supremo del país, un juez aprobó la extradición en abril, pero dejó la final d encóión final in manos del ecutektivo.

Organizations of periodists and groups of human beings have lost their pedestrians to the landlords who relocate the pedestals of Washington. The assumptions made by Assange that, if the justification is condensed, could have been 175 ounces of caramel, even though the parody of the pawnbrokers would have been able to make much more sense.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the International Amnesty International, Agnes Callamard, told the audience that the extradition “ponders (a Assange) in palero and envía a mensage escalofriante los periodistas in all the world”.

“If the extradition of Silent Adelante, the International Amnesty International’s preemption that Assange immediately confronts a solitary confederation of proletarians, that violates the prohibition of torture in other treatments”, aggravated There will be no retention in the Islamic Regiment.

Assange está retenido en la prisión de Belmarsh, en Londres, desde 2019. Antes de eso, pasó varios años refugiado en la embadada de Ecuador en la capital bitiánica para evitar su extradición a suecia por a suproosugo. que se retiraron en noviembre de 2019.