Grant Shapes must seek ‘political consent’ to end rail controversy: Jenny Gilroth


Rant Shapps has been urged to seek “political consent” to end the massive disruptive rail controversy across the network, as ScotRail owners have warned passengers that services will be affected by Sunday. Will be

Scottish Transport Minister Jenny Gilroth has written a letter to Mr Shepps urging them to “find a solution to this dispute as soon as possible” as industrial action began on Tuesday.

About 40,000 railway workers from the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union are participating in strikes over pay disputes with Network Rail and some Department of Transport Rail operating companies.

The cancellation of 80% of UK train services has affected millions. Further action is scheduled for Thursday and Saturday this week.

Only five ScotRail services are running on Tuesday (Andrew Milligan / PA) / PA Wire

In Scotland, only five Scotch Rail services operate on affected days: two trains per hour from Edinburgh to Glasgow via Falkirk High Line, Edinburgh-Bath Gate Line, Glasgow to Hamilton / Larkhal Line and Glasgow to Lanark Line, and one train shots. Hours from Edinburgh to Glasgow via service.

On Tuesday, the traffic congestion increased as passengers took to the streets.

In her letter to the Secretary of Transport, Ms. Gilroth said that the efforts of the railway staff during epidemics should be recognized.

“Now is the time to recognize these efforts, not to punish the workers,” he wrote, adding that the Scottish Government would not “support any reforms that seek to impose the necessary redundancies.” “

Se said: “Network rail workers in Scotland and across the GB rail network have not received a pay rise for two years. I am sure you will agree that this is not an acceptable or sustainable position.

Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP also reiterated their demands for a complete transfer of rail powers from the Scottish Government, before telling Mr Schipps: Until then, it was clearly lacking. “

It came as Scott Rail warned that the blockade would continue until Sunday.

The rail operator said: “While major signaling centers in the UK, West of Scotland, and Edinburgh will be able to operate from 0715, this will not be the case anywhere else on handbags and it may be noon before many routes are fitted. To work as usual

“This is especially true of routes outside the central belt.”

Glasgow Central Station is almost deserted on Tuesday (Andrew Milligan / PA) / PA Wire

Many concerts in Scotland this week will be affected by both late train delays and timings, including Wednesday’s Eagles Gig at Edinburgh’s Murray Field Stadium and Liam Gallagher at Glasgow’s Hampden Stadium on Sunday.

Biffy Clyro is set to make headlines at the Royal Highland Center in Edinburgh on Saturday, with Barry Manello’s concert at Hydro in Glasgow and Phoebe Burgers’ Barrolands Gig – both taking place on Thursday – also impressed.

Only a handful of passengers were waiting for trains at Glasgow’s Queen Street Station and Central Station on Tuesday.

Scott Dallas, a 28-year-old from Kirknteloch, told the PA News Agency that it was not difficult to get to Glasgow’s Queen Street, but he would have to leave his destination sooner.

He said: “I usually take the train from Lenzie, but it wasn’t too bad if I was hired today.

“The problem is I have to leave early tonight because I think the last train is at 6pm so I just have to make sure I get on time because I’m going to a conference at the University of Glasgow today.

“It’s a little painful, but it could be worse.

“If I didn’t have to come to this conference today, I would probably stay home and work from home.”

Gav Nsay, 28, of Glasgow, said the strike affected plans to travel to Edinburgh by train with a friend who was unable to travel to meet him.

He said: “My intention was to go to Edinburgh with my friend. Unfortunately we could not go to Edinburgh because he could not get the train from where he was coming to Glasgow. It would have a big effect on our going to Edinburgh.

Mr Ensey said he could end his trip to Edinburgh by bus or taxi if his friend managed to get into Glasgow.

Laws allowing flexible workers, including agency staff, to cover strikers could be introduced within months, the transport secretary said Tuesday.

He told LBC Radio: “We’re going to change the law to make sure there’s a lot of flexibility, the law, sometimes called the agency, is actually about transfers. Is more

“This kind of innovation can be achieved if we do not achieve it through agreement with the unions, by changing the law. And we have to ensure that transferable skills are allowed. Or rapidly change the law in two months.