Gunmen rob a woman of her car in Gomez Palacio, El Seglo de Turin

At the height of the Hamburgo de Gomez Palacio neighborhood, gunmen unloaded a woman from her truck. Despite efforts by authorities to locate the unit, after an hour of trekking, they were unable to locate it.

This is a white 2017 Volkswagen Taguan line truck with Durango State license plates.

According to initial reports, the owner of the truck was at the height of a garbage can in the Hamburg Square parking lot on Saturday afternoon, and when he opened his truck to board it, he was stopped by two men with small arms. Taken Who snatched him from the unit at gunpoint and under death threats, and later returned to the Gomez Polisio Peripheral.

The victim immediately called the 911 Emergency Line for help, so security agents attended the square, located in the area between Emiliano Zapata Street and San Ernsto Avenue in the Hamburg neighborhood, interviewed, and After receiving the stolen truck, they issued a radio alert to all security corporations.

Authorities began searching for the truck, but despite their best efforts, they were unable to locate it, so they instructed the victim to visit the Laguna Region’s Vice Prosecutor’s Facility as soon as possible to file a complaint. Go Investigating agent of the Ministry of Public Works of the stolen vehicle unit, so that the relevant investigation folder is opened and the serial number, plates and special data of the unit are registered in the Mexico platform, where the total number of stolen units is recorded in the country.


Author: Meczyki

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