Hacemos demasiado ¿Por qué? – El Financiro

“Hey jefes and hay lederes. Los jefes osten de poder o influencia. Los líderes nos inspiran. por ellos, sino por nosotros ”. – Simon Senek.

To finalize a series of educations with executives and entrepreneurs, one of the participants I read the book “Start with Why”, in which it is published, this will affect me as well as its content. The lesson I learned was that I found a pie clave to respond to a question that made me wonder why: ¿for what are the organizations that have been decimated? This is very similar to the directing of my occupados, hacking a lot of things, with an incredible trauma control, longing for a reunion at the right time, corresponding to a lado al otro, tomando –y cambiando- diversas decisions for attempts to solve problems The elements that provoke an inexperienced operation. In my opinion, many times it sucks because we try again. Sinek argumenta que las Organizations and people who inspire the demons are equal to those who ask questions porque de lo que hacendespair of elaboran los como’sy al final explican los qué’s. We see a lot of people laughing at a lot of things, looking for alchemist indicators of hope, in reality we are seeing movidas organizations by them qué’s, it decides, the results we want to see. You are on your way to find the media como’s, ejecutados por una gran structure de Doers, introduced to the projections and activities. Pregnancy from Algonquin ¿Y qué tiene de malo esto? ¿Qué no es lo que hacemos todos? The radical rygo in que, in many occasions, the esencia del porque These accusations are likely to be very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very. Much of the organization is full of things that nobody knows about beauty, but most people want to know who they are. Hollister and Watkins, in their article “Too Many Projects” (HBR, 2018), said to Michael Porter that, “The escalation of the strategy is the best that we should not do”, introduces ” “Because simple, there are other arguments that result in tremendous differences for the elimination of initiatives or existentials, as in the case of the newcomers, which will cause a difference of opinion on the other side. Importance of hacker men. Batista, for example, in his article “Less to do, more to guide” (HBR, 2013) says that many of our initiatives are professional and we are trained to be very efficient, fast, with the latest. The roles of the iniquities, we are always confused Hacker con dirigir. We are trying to make it easier que haciendo más, vamos a inspirar más a los demás. Sinek explicit que todas las organizaciones saben lo que hacen; el qué This is the most identifiable file. Las como’s no son tan obvios, even though many organizations and individuals have capacities to express cmo hacen lo que Hessen But many things can be said individually in an organization that can articulate because they are que Hessen does not have to be interpreted as the result (that is, it is) qué) sino como el prophesito, causa o la creencia principal; The reason why we exist? ¿Por qué nos levantamos cada mañana? What is the reason for importing the debts that we love? And when people and organizations log in and communicate, the mayor of laces often laughs at the hacker adentro, exploring with the quéluego los como’s y al final el porque. Algo así como “hago y luego discover porque lo hice”. The more concreto the more difficult the explicit. But there are so many types it’s hard to say. inspiran iniciando con el porque. In my opinion, this is an invitation to make a money and a reflection, ¿we have claro because we are laughing at all this ?; Quizás modify what we hack and how we hack we actually; And the contrario try to do things that we are not aware of, and basically, decide to eliminate everything that is not worth it. Empirize who, for the first time in a long time the organization has clawed at the organizational structure. And yet, would you prefer to have a little jealousy from Jeff’s haciendo, or would you prefer to focus on the strategic and inspiring his equipo? Invite the questionpor qué your organization, your collaborators and you just want to be what you are?

Javier Renoso

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L. Dr. Javier Renoso es Professor Dale Departmento de Strategia and Ledirazgo DE GADE Business School Dale Technologico de Monterrey.