Harris visited Tony’s Manisbeck store in Newark when immigration officials met with Mexicans.

Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden administration’s “Border Tsar”, sampled goods at a New Jersey bakery on Friday – while meeting with other White House officials. With my Mexican counterparts. To deal with the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

Harris was in the Garden State to promote President Biden’s 3.5 3.5 trillion spending bill and advance the COVID-19 vaccination when he stopped the pit in Newark.

President Tapped Harris on March 24. Being a key figure in the administration’s negotiations with Mexico and Central American countries to slow down the tide. Illegal immigrants cross. US border.

“When she speaks, she speaks for me,” Biden said at the time. She knows what she’s doing, and I hope we can move on.

However, with the exception of a. Rocky tour of Mexico and Guatemala. In early June and A short trip to El Paso Later that month, Harris publicly avoided the issue – leaving the Homeland Security Secretary alone. Alejandro Mayorkas as a face. Administration’s immigration policies

Senator Corey Booker (left) accompanied Vice President Harris on a visit to the bakery.
Senator Corey Booker (left) accompanied Vice President Harris on a visit to the bakery.
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Merkas, and Attorney General Merck Garland, were part of a group of senior U.S. officials led by Secretary of State Anthony Blanken, who met with Mexican officials Friday.

Blanken met with the country’s president, Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador, before leading the rest of the delegation, along with other Mexican officials, led by Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebard.

Speaking at a news conference with Ebard, Blinken called the discussions “fruitful” and explained that the group focused on three key issues related to the United States, Mexico and their common border. The issues were: the health and safety of the citizens of each country, the fight against drug, arms and human trafficking; And work together to prevent money laundering and to investigate and prosecute organized criminal activity.

The Secretary of State said he wanted the United States and Mexico to work together not only to “modernize law enforcement, but also to strengthen public health, the rule of law and broad-based economic opportunities.”

Came as a tour The Washington Examiner reported. U.S. officials are tracking down about 20,000 Haitian immigrants who have gathered in Colombia and are believed to be preparing to cross the border.

Even in New Jersey, Harris did not completely escape the problem of immigration.

About 30 illegal immigrants and students demonstrate outside a child care center. Harris visited Little Falls, where he pushed for a White House and left-wing Democrat-backed social spending bill. NJ.com reported..

The protesters demanded that the VP support the path of citizenship in the proposed legislation. The Senate has been a pair of Democrats trying to include such language. The chamber’s MP rejected it.

Vice President Harris talks to a student during his pit stop after visiting a COVID-19 vaccination site in New Jersey.
Vice President Harris talks to a student during his pit stop after visiting a COVID-19 vaccination site in New Jersey.

“As an essential health care worker during epidemics, I risk my life every day to keep the health clinic open,” protest organizer Mariana Velasquez told the store. “But I’m afraid to be separated from my children. New Jersey is my home.

After leaving the child care center, Harris visited the COVID-19 vaccination site at Essex County College before stopping at Tony Manisbeck’s store at the suggestion of former New York Mayor Sean Corey Booker (D-NJ).

NJ. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy chose to go with four cups of cake. The famous Wagon Booker Chose not to give pleasure.


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