Have you already visited all the magical cities? You’re missing Zempoala, which adds to the list! – Financial.

Zampola is one of the 132 magical towns in our country. It is about the demarcation of the state of Hudalgo due to the passage of its colonial historical center, a network of former Plc Hikandas and the Pedri Temple Ecuador.

Attractions have been declared a cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The appointment was announced within the framework of the National Day of Magic Towns, where Hedalgo’s tourism secretary, Eduardo Banos Gomez, made the presentation.

“This year, all of Mexico’s magical towns are assembled and stabilized in an incredible platform, as high-quality destinations, with the key challenge of innovation and modernization. Worked with marketing that strengthens the scope of promotion, not only nationally but also globally, ”the official explained.

Other attractions in Hidalgo’s new magical city are the Hacienda de San Juan Pueblilla, where craft beer is made. In addition, Charria creates a very important economic activity for demarcation.

Zampola Mayor Jesus Hernandez Jury received the Pueblo Magico badge. In the words of the Governor of Hidalgo, this is the seventh jewel of the state to receive the appointment.


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