He canceled the death of Colombia’s Martha Ceplovida just hours before her execution – El Financiero

BOGOTA – A medical center in Madeleine on Saturday decided to cancel the death of Martha Saplovida, a woman with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who was going to practice this Sunday.

It is the first Colombian to have adopted the procedure since the Constitutional Court allowed non-terminal illness patients in July.

The Columbine Pain Institute (Encodol), in charge of the procedure, said in a statement that it had decided to cancel the procedure “keeping an up-to-date view of the patient’s state of health and evolution.” With “it is explained that the criterion of the term as it was considered.”

Colombia was the first country in Latin America to outlaw death, and one of the few countries in the world where it is legal, after a constitutional court in 1997 declared a fatal death as a primary disease. When the patient is in pain. Very painful, voluntarily requested and performed by a doctor.

The court’s July ruling, which amends the Penal Code to “merciless murder” and which previously considered a sentence of up to 54 months in prison, repeals the first condition that a request be made to a terminal. Suffers from the disease, and does so in response to the barriers that still exist in the country to exercise this right.

Although it has been legal since 1997, this right was not exercised until 2015 and the procedure still faces hurdles, as it is only performed in certain cities and many medical centers do not know how to operate.

In addition, parliament has for years blocked bills seeking to regulate dignified deaths.

The case of Martha Saploida.

Saploida’s case became famous last month when, in a report in Karakool News, he said he was going to die this Sunday at the age of 51.

“If it’s from a spiritual plane, I’m perfectly calm (…) I’m a coward but I don’t want any more pain, I’m tired. I fight for comfort,” said the woman, who added: The assurance of death gave him “peace of mind.”

As soon as she was diagnosed, the woman began to lose the strength of her legs and found it difficult to walk long distances, which worsened her standard of living.

Controversy over the case.

Following the publication of the report, Colombia’s Episcopal Conference this week invited Ceplovida to “calmly consider its decision.”

He said, “Hopefully (will be reflected), if circumstances allow, stay away from media harassment who do not hesitate to take the pain of her and her family, so that a kind To be propagated. ” Monsignor Francisco Antonio Ceballos Escobar, Episcopal Commission for the Promotion and Defense of Life.

Chamber representative Juan Fernando Reiss expressed regret that he had denied the death of Martha Saplovida.

“Everyone has the right to die with dignity. The state does not need to interfere in this decision or anyone else. If we want our beliefs and deep decisions to be respected, let’s start respecting others.”

Euthanasia in Colombia

In the country, only 94 death procedures were performed between April 2015 and May 8, 2020. According to the Ministry of Health, which counts cases since the procedure was permitted, the court will establish a constitutional law in 1997 after 18 years. Dignified death as a fundamental right

Most of these procedures were performed in Bogota or the Department of Antioch, and about nine out of ten were for people with a cancer diagnosis.

In addition, for every five applications made in the country, only two expire, according to official figures.


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