He killed their mother but now a vile murderer is ruling the lives of her four children

Jade Ward is supposed to get a kiss from her four young sons next week on her 28th birthday. They must spend the day helping their mother spoil her, giving her cards and gifts, blowing out the candles on the cake.

Instead, there will be no kissing, no big family celebration, it will be another day for his devastated family to endure without him. Jade was only 27 when her ex-husband brutally attacked, stabbed and strangled her as their young children slept in the next room.

Russell Marsh, 29, left work early and broke into his house to attack Jade, simply because he didn’t want his ex-wife to move on with his life without him. After carrying out his gruesome attack, Marsh hides the bodies of the mother of four under a pile of clothes for the police to find at her home.

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On the night of the murder on August 26 last year, the court was told that Marsh had told his bosses he had to leave early because his brother had attempted suicide. But instead he was tracked by CCTV, ANPR cameras and phone masters, which revealed that he was on his way to his former family home. Once there, Marsh stabbed and strangled his former partner before telling police that he had “done something terrible.”

Tribute paid to flowers kept near the spot
(Image: Ian Cooper / North Meczyki Live)

He was jailed for at least 25 years in April, and now the brave family of Jade of Shotton, Flintshire is trying to find positives through a campaign to change the law so that other families can be pained. Don’t have to pass are tolerant. Read more about punishment here.

They are pushing for a law named after him that would prevent Marsh and killers like him from having a say in the lives of their children.

In the UK, confinement does not automatically restrict parental responsibility. This can only happen after a voluntary agreement or if the other parent takes the imprisoned parent to court.

Ms. Ward’s family is now campaigning to make “Jade’s Law” a reality. They want to make sure that no one else is forced to suffer the sudden and brutal loss they need to endure the added pain of having to face the killer from time to time.

Only weeks after the trial, the family, which had been caring for Jade’s four boys, realized that Marsh still had a say in how the children were brought up.

Jade’s mother, Karen Robinson, said that Marsh began making “waves” shortly after the sentencing, asking to see the boys’ school reports and their attendance notes. They were then informed by social workers that they would first have to be consulted if they wanted to take the children on leave, and that they still had decisions about medical treatment.

Pictured: Karen Robinson, Mother Of Jade Ward, Sits At Her Daughter'S Memorial On Chevron Road In High Shotton.
Jade’s mother Karen Robinson is fighting to change the law
(Image: Ian Cooper / North Meczyki Daily Post)
Some Tribute To The Shrine On Chevron Road, Haier Shotton
Some tribute to the shrine on Chevron Road, Haier Shotton
(Image: Ian Cooper / North Meczyki Live)
Some Tribute To The Shrine On Chevron Road, Haier Shotton
Some tribute to the shrine on Chevron Road, Haier Shotton
(Image: Ian Cooper / North Meczyki Live)

“It’s all about control for him,” says Karen. “He lost control of Jade so he did what he did, and he still has control because he’s controlling the boys and controlling us and it’s horrible.

“He is in prison, but his presence is still low. As soon as he took away their mother, any rights should have been taken away from him.

“Next Wednesday is Jade’s birthday, her kids can’t give her the birthday kiss. Now everyone has birthdays without her, no cards from their moms, no birthday hugs, no kisses because of their lowly dad.”

“You can’t put into words the extra anxiety and stress it causes. It means we still can’t move on. As Jade’s mother, I know I’ll never be able to move on, with her.” My life has completely changed. But that wicked, lowly man, that freak is still keeping us from being able to grieve properly.”

Her mom can’t say the name of the “lowly monster” during our interview. Karen Robinson still grapples with her daughter’s horror of being murdered and then through a trial hearing “things that a mother should never hear” while Marsh makes no for what she did. showed no remorse.

Her proud mother says: “Jade was the most caring, loving and supportive person you could meet. Not just with family, with everyone. She made a huge impact on everyone she met, And I’ve never met anyone who had words to say about what was bad.

“He worked at a local cooperative, and when he died, one of the clients, who had only met him a few times, had been building a bench for his memory garden all night. That’s kind of the effect he had on people. was .”

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(image: family handout)
0 A Poignant Balloon Release Takes Place On Chevrons Road Yards From Where Jade Ward 27 Was Found De
Only one of Jade’s monuments after his death
(Image: Ian Cooper / North Meczyki Live)

But Karen says the family thought Marsh was “a little weird” from the start.

“If she ever went out, he would call her all the time to see what she was doing. I don’t mean three or four times, she would be calling constantly and if Jade turned off her phone she would call her Will start doing it. Guys,” she explains. “If she was at work, he would often sit outside in the car watching her. He would call someone to look after the boys at night so he could sit outside his work, and sometimes he would leave them on his own .

“He also began to make his friends and family feel uncomfortable. He only wanted Jade, and he used the boys as pawns in his sick game, when and where it suited him.”

Her mother explains how life looked good for Jade in the days before her murder, she had beautiful boys, and she eventually managed to leave the controlling husband who tried to distance her from his loving and supportive family. Was.

Prior to her murder, Jade and Marsh had separated on three occasions, but parted ways in the summer of 2021 after a nine-year relationship.

“No parent should listen to what we heard during testing,” says Karen. “After 10 years his life finally came back, but he looked at her and thought ‘how dare you, how dare you’. He broke into the house and cut it down and stabbed her while her boys were in the next room. , and then he stayed in the house with her dead body for four days. That’s so wrong.

“But we have to find a way to let her death help others. Jade’s death can’t be in vain and I know she’s here with us, taking us along.”

That is why they are so motivated to find a way to change the law. The family approached close family friend Edwin Duggan – a law graduate – to help with the campaign.

After looking into the matter further, he launched a petition seeking the automatic suspension of parental responsibility of any parent found guilty of murder. you can sign the petition Here

Within a few days, the petition was signed thousands of times and now it has got 120,262 signatures and is currently awaiting the response of the government and the date of debate. Last week, family and supporters traveled to London to meet with lawmakers to discuss next steps.

Eddie, who has known Jade’s family for 35 years, says: “When the petition was first published we had 100,000 signatures in 10 days. We were amazed it closed so quickly, but it shows how important it is.” issue and how many families across the UK are affected by such issues.

“So many people didn’t even realize that prisoners who killed their peers still had rights over children. Marsh didn’t think about the welfare of his children when he murdered their mother. I’ve seen the pain this family has gone through, and it’s just so, so sad. Some good has to come out of this one way or another.”

1 Russell Norman James Marsh Was Jailed At Mold Crown Court For At Least 25 Years After Murdering Estr
Marsh has been sentenced to life imprisonment, but he can still speak his mind in the lives of his children
(Image: North Meczyki Police)

In London, Jade’s family met Allyn and Deeside MP Mark Tammy, who arranged a meeting for them to discuss Jade’s legislation with Shadow Justice Minister Eli Reeves MP.

Mr Tammy says: “From introducing Jade’s Law on the murderer to having to go through legal hoops to prove they deserve parental responsibility, the victim’s family has to endure a long and painful legal process. To prove why they don’t do it, instead of forcing them to do it.

“I support Jade’s family and friends in achieving this goal. I will find out when the government’s response to the petition and the date of the debate can be expected, as well as the House of Commons in the next few weeks.” The petition can be presented in the chamber.

“We discussed with Shadow Justice Minister Ellie Reeves how we might best amend existing legislation or introduce new legislation to make Jade’s law a reality.”

Ellie Reeves MP, Labor’s shadow justice minister, said: “It was incredibly moving to meet with Jade’s family and friends and hear more about her life and the love she has for her children.

“But despite this tragic case, a man who killed the mother of his children still holds the responsibility of parenthood.

“It is unimaginable that bereaved families would still have to seek permission from the killer before taking children abroad or in matters such as child health care or schooling. I hope the government will listen to Jade’s family.

Jade’s family is determined to listen, as mother Karen says: “I won’t stop until this law is passed. No other family should go through what we’re going through.”

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