He sentences Eclipse’s mother and daughter, Angelica and Carla, to 47 years in prison

ECATEPEC, EDO. MEX – Two men who killed. Mother and daughter 41 and 16 years old, respectively, who They participated in a dance. In 2019, they were. 47 years imprisonment By the judge Judicial power of the state of Mexico

Agent Public Ministry of Special Prosecutor’s Office for Women’s Rights. Provide necessary evidence for the judge to consider. Brian Gerardo Trejo Querez and Christian Omar Lopez Nava., They are responsible for a double crime.

According to the research folder Attorney General of the State of Mexico.On April 20, 2019, the two victims participated in a dance in the neighborhood. Morelos Gardens.In the municipality of Ecatepec Hours later, the victims left the scene.

Passing through the empty space in the colony. Chiconautla LagoonHe was now found guilty and a minor, who at one point stabbed him to death, killing him and stealing his belongings.

Ministerial officials launched an investigation into the double murder, which allowed them to identify and arrest possible suspects. Chikonotla State Jail., located in Actpack.

In addition, the judge imposed fines. 182,257 paise. And 224,869 paise. In November 2019, a 17-year-old juvenile involved in a double murder was sentenced to four years in prison Quinta del Bosque Teen Center.

In October 2020, the case. Angelica and Carla, The mother and daughter were featured in the documentary. The first caravan against femicides in Actpack., In memory of the murdered women.

Most of these murders of women are tainted. Injustice and injustice, with Negligence and obscurity Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “

Work done by “Pico” Dorado. Was released by Manuel Amador, Professor Government High School 128 Francisco Villa, Located in the area of San Andres de la Canada., Where they are registered. Murder of women And are considered high crime rates.

The 28-minute documentary includes evidence. Angelica STVs, Sister Carla STVs Ramirez. And his daughter Angelica Ramirez., 16 and 41, were killed. Actpack. On April 20, 2019

Second stop: “My sad farewell”, This honoring was a political performance. Angelica. in advance Carla Those who went to dance just for fun, but were abused, tortured and robbed, their relatives said.

“They left their bodies in a vacant lot in the Jardine de Morelos neighborhood. A few days later, the FGJEM arrested Femicides, one of whom was sentenced to just four years in prison, because of the incidents. He was a minor at the time. Angelica and Carla’s family have not received any legal assistance from the state. ” Highlights the documentary


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