He suggests breaking the alliance with the PRI if it supports reform.

Mexico City.- If the PRI supports power reform in the Chamber of Deputies, Pan should break the alliance it maintains with the tricolor, said Pan Senator Daman Zapida.

The former al-Baydul leader opposed opposing his party to an alliance with the PRI and PRD a year ago, and now maintains that “tampering” with the tricolor is the reason.

He suggested, “If (the reforms) pass, it should be completely demarcated, and go ahead and find out who we are who want to fight to change the country, and we will know in advance.” We don’t have that. ”

Boundaries, do you want to end the alliance?

– I think if. What is the use of uniting if it does not support the right ideas for the country and above all reject the harmful ideas.

From the senator’s point of view, it was “predictable” that a scenario would emerge in which he would largely support reform.

“It was predictable, of course we didn’t hide our eyes. That’s why, he made it clear, when the coalition was being formed, the evidence showed us that it wasn’t working. The previous legislature, the House.” Among the delegates, education reform, militarized national guard and repeal of mandate in collaboration with PRI.

That is why it is clear that if this story continues, it will be the same. Terrible correction, “he warned.

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