‘He tosses the players on the field!’ Cardiff City sign the talent of Vonte Daly-Campbell and why Leicester City don’t want him anymore

Like a new Cardiff City right-back bus. You wait for ages for one to appear and then two in quick succession.

or something like that. Certainly Steve Morrison’s options have grown tremendously in the last 24 hours.

Morrison’s former Millwall teammate Mahlon Romeo became the seventh new face to join the board, hours after his arrival as the ink had begun to dry up over the contract taking Vante Daly-Campbell to the club.

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His release from Leicester City has since been on a free transfer, and is unlikely to be a name that is all too familiar to many Bluebird fans, although Morrison’s delight at the unveiling suggests that the 21-year-old’s have high hopes for

So, what can Cardiff expect? we talked Jordan Blackwell, author of Leicester City Leicester Mercury to achieve complete collapse.

What were the circumstances surrounding his exit?

This was no big surprise. His last match for the senior team was against Watford in the FA Cup in January. He played and struggled outside the left-back position. I don’t know if you remember, but Leicester had about 17 unavailable players at the time.

He had a lot of Premier League games off at the same time, but because it was the FA Cup, he was forced to play a lot of youngsters. He struggled to be honest, and got off at half-time.

Then he went on loan to Dundee. I don’t think they actually won any of the games they played, and then there was a farewell against Ross County, which I think everyone has seen!

But I don’t think it was too much of a surprise because he wasn’t quite at the level where he was going to break into the first team, nor was he really at the level where they thought it appropriate to make him a new offer. Make the deal and then maybe sell him to a championship side, which is something they’ve done in the past.

what kind of player is he?

The main thing that I will stay is very good physically. I think that’s why Brendan Rodgers felt comfortable giving him the opportunity when he did. He actually made his FA Cup debut before last season and it was clear that he was not the kind of player you patted the ball. This is probably one of their best features. If the players are going 50/50 side by side then he is going to win a hell of a lot of them. When he was still playing u23s game it really felt like he was just bouncing players all the time. Not making mistakes, but simply correcting them.

It’s not too slow either. He aspires to move on and is not afraid to do so. He is not afraid to dribble with the ball. There were a few examples of this in the senior games he played. The game he played in his debut was his run in the box that won the corner in the last minute, and from that he beat Brighton. He then went on to win the cup and it was certainly a pivotal moment in that race.

He was also the Under-23 captain for the first half of last season before moving to Dundee. He was one of the older players in the team, but there were others who could take that mantra and they picked him, which probably says a lot.

I’m not sure if he’s developed any real leadership skills, as he’s still quite young, but I think it’s fair to say that he was seen as someone who led by example in terms of commitment. does.

any weakness?

What I would say is that sometimes he would move on and then there would almost be a loss of concentration. He’ll forget to get back or whatever. It may have something to do with experience. But it seems there is a lapse in his game where he sometimes neglects his defensive duties. In the modern game you now have to be able to do both as a full-back. This was probably his main weakness in the games he played. It wasn’t like he was being beaten by his opposite winger or anything like that. He is more than happy to keep to himself physically.

There may be an element of carelessness attached to it. I think he was sent at least once for the Under23s, and there’s probably an over-zealousness in the challenge. I guess you have to be a little cute. Nowadays, even if you win the ball, an overly forceful tackle is always going to set off a foul. And if you don’t win the ball, you can be dismissed. Maybe this is the one weakness he needs to work on.

Is he ready for the championship?

In terms of materiality, 100 percent. I don’t think you can say the same about a lot of players who get released. I think it’s about decision making and defensive experience. That’s where I probably wonder if he’s ready. But those are things you learn on the job.

But we saw Leicester let go of Kelvin Bassey – he went to Rangers and did really well. His features were all about physicality as well, and he managed to step up his game as he continues to play first team football on a regular basis. There is talk that Villa is now interested in making a move and has become a real star.

You can’t rule it out with Daly-Campbell because she has those qualities to work with. It is expected that performance in the first team will develop their knowledge, their concentration level and decision making in terms of knowing the right time to move on.

All those things that are the hard parts of the game. Those are areas where it might need a little work.

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