Headlines of the evening: Tributes paid to woman who died after giving birth at home; And boy (9) dies after scrambler motorbike accident

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The name of the woman who died after giving birth at home is

Tributes have been paid to a mother who died after giving birth at her home in Co Limerick. The deceased mother, who was locally named as Laura Liston, died in her 30s after giving birth to her first child, a son, Shay, in Crum on June 5.

Man (60) taken to hospital after being injured in a motor rally in Donegal

A rally spectator is taken to hospital after being injured while watching the Donegal International rally.

Court reports that the man stabbed his mother to death, believing she was ‘romantically involved’ with a friend of his, the court reported

A man stabbed his mother to death with a friend believed to be “romantically involved”, a court has heard. Jay Orden Kennedy had previously pleaded guilty to the murder of his mother, Emma Jane McParland.

Boy (9) killed in scrambler motorbike accident, young teenager in critical condition

A nine-year-old child died after a Scrambler motorbike was hit by a motorcycle in Ballymena on Thursday afternoon.

Concerts and plays canceled due to Kovid amid sharp increase in cases

Both the AB Theater and the National Symphony Orchestra have canceled upcoming performances due to COVID-19.

Jail appeal dismissed for man who ‘intentionally’ infects his wife and infects another woman with HIV

The Court of Appeal has upheld the first conviction for “knowingly or negligently” contracting a person with HIV, in the case of a man who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for passing the virus to two of his sex partners, including his wife. Was.

Ex-soldier caught with €250,000 worth of cocaine tells Gardai he is ‘with the most stupid drug dealers’, court hears

A former British Army officer found in possession of €250,000 worth of cocaine told Gardai that “he is with the most stupid drug dealers out there”, a court heard.

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Jay Bourke’s private insolvency practitioner ‘fell below reasonable ethical standards’, judge finds

A judge has sharply criticized personal insolvency businessman Jay Bourke for providing misleading information to creditors during an unsuccessful bid to write off a €12.2m loan to a well-known public and restaurant owner.

Government ‘offered 5 percent additional pay hike’ before public service talks break

Public service pay talks broke down this morning after the government offered an additional 5 per cent pay hike.

‘I can still feel the twist of the blade’ – Garda tells court how the brothers tried to ‘butcher me like a beast’

A member of the En Garda Ciochana told a court today that he lives every day in memory of the night when two brothers tried to “butcher” him “like a beast”.

Baby Heidi had ‘catastrophic brain injury’ at trial of child neglect accused mother

A court has heard that two days after being admitted to hospital, a two-year-old boy suffered a serious brain injury.

Ryanair cabin crew in Belgium to join strike across Europe later this month

Trade unions representing Ryanair’s cabin crew plan to strike later in June in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, allowing passengers to and from Belgium during an peak holiday weekend and an EU summit. Disruption increased.

This is what a sex worker really thinks about intimacy with clients

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack’s new film revolves around a powerful intimacy between a sex worker and their client. Kate Ng talks to sex worker Audrey to find out if this real relationship has ever been repeated in real life.