Here in Afghanistan there are a thousand deaths

Guyan, Afghanistan.– A terrifying memory of a great regiment and montage of this state of Afghanistan, the first horoscope of miraculous, destructive viviendas of adobe and seeking the death of the men of a million people.

The disaster represents a new phenomenon for the Gobierno Taliban and for the ayuda agencies, that it has many people with multiple humanitarian crises in the country.

This is the season that most victims have died in Afghanistan in two decades, and the funniest serials that make the salute augmented. It calculates that more than 500 people will get results, regardless of the status quo.

The catastrophe caused by the magnitude 6.1 fluctuations more than a few times in a couple of millennia of individuals from infiltrating the hambruna and pobreda, and from the salud system is deteriorating due to the deterioration of the salvad system that is deteriorating elóbde01, tras el retiro de las tropas de Estados Unidos y la OTAN. Ascension of Talibán al poder puso fin al vital financiamiento internacional, y la mayoría del mundo ha rechazado al nuevo Gobierno.

Paden Ioda International

In one of the mediums, the supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzadah, who appeared in public, was one of the leaders in the international community or the humanitarian organizations for the purpose of supporting the Puefectory Factory.

Residents of a remote area near the border with Pakistan were searching for victims living or dying retreating with their skies with their own hands, but still transmitted images due to the notice of Bakhtar. From the moment he discovers if he wants the equipo pesado for the laborers to rescate or if he seeks he can take it to the logarithm.

At least 2 million lives were lost in regiment, at a time when there was a house between them and a few people in their interior, by Ramiz Alakbarov, representing the special unit of the United Nations for Afghanistan.

La magnet til de las danos en las publados montanos ha salido a la loz con lantitud. We sin and complicate things, in the best of cases, we have always heard of them, and the delays of causation are due to the luluvius ancient complication with more accusation.

Obstaculizados por el Talibán

The quadrillas de rescate SE traceladaron en helicópteros, but the labor of ayuda podrín resultant obstacles for the exodus of many of the international agencies of the country of despair before the Talibán tomó las narienda before. Además, la mayoría de los gobiernos están reacios a hacer tratos directly with el Talibán.

In an ejaculation of the relationship between the Talibán and the rest of the world that the Talibán does not have a formality in the Naciones of the movilización de bipsqueda y rescate y de. reset the computation of ambulance compositions and the variants of helicopter helicopters that evoke the Afghan authorities in the face of terror. De qualaquier pharma, various functions of the ONU dijeron que el Talibán les ha dado acceso total a la zona afectada.

The season of its epicenter in the province of Paktika, about 50 kilometers from Suroste in the city of Jost, followed by the Department of Meteorology of Pakistan. Experts say that the telecommunication movement has a profound advantage of 10 kilometers. Los Terremotos poco profundos suelen causar mñs daños.

Alcance del terremoto

The European seismological agency informs that 119 million people heard the system in a radio station more than 500 kilometers away in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Images from Paktiká mostrabhan hombres caring for the person envueltas sábanas and esperando the flagship helicopter. Other victims receive assistance in the game. He saw a person who received fluids and intruders were sent to find a plastic fringe at the front of the house, and many more were standing on camillas. On the other hand, images can be seen by residents looking for ladders and decks. Techos and muros were established.

The number of deaths reported by Bakhtar’s agency is similar to that of the seasons of 2002 in northern Afghanistan. It treats the most terrifying people since 1998, when it comes down to 6.1, and its replicas in the northeastern part of the country, including the lives of more than 4,500 people.