Here is what happened in San Luis Potosí things in another rumbo: Aden Augusto

N San Luis Potosi “This is not to say that these things have another rumbo, that las and the potions have a gobierno occupado and precoopado for the development and integration of the state”, confirmed the title of the Federal Secretariat of the Federal Government, Eden Augusto Lopez Hernandez.

Aidan Augusto Lopez Let’s take the public potion and make a furious front official with the governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona. to avanzar in the construction of a great state of affairs.

The functional federal visit to the capital potassium to participate jointly in the mandate of the state in the coordination of the material in the infrastructure, public development and security. Subrayó that se tenderá la mano a San Luis Potosí en todos los rubros.

The title of Segob also includes analysis of legislators, emperors, alkalis and del gobierno estatal impulsive politicized inclusions and social justice at the federal level. Recognize the work and dedication of the elements Guardia Civil Estal To restore the social space in this entity, reiterate the federal support to fortify the public security strategy with more elements of Guardia National.

Asymmetrically, López Hernández’s important announcements for the restoration of the best social potions of the family: number in the menu 15 days to delegate the Secretariat of Communications and Transportespara inikie inmediatamente la modernización del Aeropuerto del municipio de Tamuín; Also, in the last 60 days there has been a rehabilitation of the Accreditation of the Presidency; In fact, it helps to reconcile the inner house of Gobierno with an algorithm for babies, babies and adults.

Assess that the compromises of the Federal Executive with San Luis Potosí are complete, as is the inversion for the modernization of the Caritra 57with more cinco mil 200 millones de pesos: 900 million ejaculators in this country, as many other federal espace carriers.

Aden Augusto López realizes that thanks to the productive union and its Gobierno, the potential potion was first and foremost to recover its economic activity through the effects of the pandemic COVID-19.

In his opportunism, the Gov. Ricardo Gallardo said that he was happy with the Gobernino de Mexico Concentrate on the solution of the most urgent demands for potable potions, such as combating the pottery and the margin, with Programs Social SocialThe impulse to educate, with accredited students for the federalization of the pagoda and its counterparts in the Telesecondary system.

Gallardo Cardona exposes the trajectory that makes him laugh because of the family potions ocho messages from your goblin; Elucidating the multi-million pesos of urban dwellers, this is the third, which has been realized in the last administration of the administration.

The status quo argument of the visitor Eden Augusto Lopez Hernandez a San Luis Potosí represents a political and political party for the beauties of potions

“With an effective coordination in the national and local, the transformation will continue. This roto is a fuerte and slider“, Señaló.