Hermanan a San Eli con Chihuahua

Presidents of municipalities and representatives of the 10 municipalities of Chihuahuans who conform to the regulation of “Las Perlas del Conchos”, conclude the trials of the Primer Encounter Binacional de Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (PEBCRTA) denominados’ denominador (CHS) and the National Institute of Anthropology and Historiography (INAH) and in which it involves the municipalities of Mexico and the United States.

Finding out how to combine the trade-offs for the elements and testimonials that conjure up in the organization of the United Nations for education, science and culture – UNESCO del camino que nace en la Ciudad de México hasta la Municipalidad de Valle de Allende, Chihuahua.

“We are working to amplify the declaration of UNESCO, for the rest of the cinema, from Valle de Allende to Ohkay Owingeh in the Norte de Nuevo Mexico”, said Al Borrego, President of CHS.

Durante tres días una comitiva conformada por 32 personas, originarias de las ciudades de San Elizario, El Paso, Las Cruces, NM y Ciudad Juárez y encabezada por la alcaldesa de San Elizario, Isela Reyes, y Alron de Borregorien, die patri One of the municipalities located in the zone of Chihuahua State, as well as the attractive tourist and commercial attractions that attract visitors.

José Moncayo Porras, President of the Municipal Julimess and Anfitrión del evento, tras dar la bienvenida a los auxentes resaltó la importancia y trascendencia del evento que que uno de los representations de los municipios participantes deantn.

“The talk of Julimes is about culture and history, the origins of our antecedents that made our feet and our pugbla to igual that all the municipalities that conforma Las Perlas del Conchos”, expresses the political expression of the politics. Feria Patronal de San Antonio de Padua y la presentación de las aspirantes a reinas del poblado.

For the first time, the fact that the rest of his homologues resulted in important integration of the ciudades and the hermeneutics gave the richer historical and cultural content that he possessed, which he had preserved at the time.

From the participants to those who represent the Gobierno of Chihuahua State, Oscar Gonzalez Luna, representing the Governorate of Maru Campos, consider that it is a moment of reflection or retrospect that gives a moment of reflection usa. To make the entourage one of the best convincing and condensed life.

In the act of aggravating the realities by the historians Al Borrego, President of CHS and the anthropologist Jorge Carrera Robles, delegating to the Federal Center for National Anthropology and Historiography – INAH ion we are proud of. The municipal ascentados to the largo del Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, asimismo a los medios de communicación por la cobertura brindada.

At the same time Carrera Robles expresses her sympathy for the materialization of a sue that came to her at the end of one of the encounters of cultures in the participant together with Borrego and at the end of the compromise, the promise at the end of the day, Cultural

“We would like to make a compromise that would allow us to have the comrades of the Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua communities to maintain the respect that is historically from our origins. to generate this unity ”, apuntó.

And that is the real Camino, aggravated, is a commercial economy that initially deviates from the Mexican city and that fu was taking advantage of the territories of the Center and Sur of the United States, a lot of the decimation of the decimals. The center of the country has the community of San Juan Caballero, localized in the capital of the city of New Mexico: Santa Fe.

Destruction is the only thing that matters, when it comes to mercury, there is a lot of merchandise. The center, while establishing the tenigtitle antigua, with direct address to the United States.

“This is what we’re trying to convey, this is the history of the relationship between the Texas and the Chihuahua. that determines the diet ascent as the largo del camino.

This is the context of the municipalities that integrate Las Perlas del Conchos: Camargo, Delicias, Julimes, Meoqui, Rosales, San Francisco de Conchos, Saucillo, Jiménez, Hidalgo del Parral and La Cruz, reminiscently of Sumaron a labinaacator de concocional de conchos. Introduction carts on hermand project.