“He’s targeting broadcasters in a way.”

UFC reporter and analyst Laura Sanko weighed in on the controversy. Connor McGregor. And UFC fighters Daniel Cormier and Anthony Smith. Sanko shared his thoughts on the Irishman’s tweets that leaned towards Cormier, who works with him as an analyst on ESPN.

“He’s never been willing to play heel,” Sinko said. “I think it’s interesting that he targets broadcasters a little bit more.

Sanko’s remarks came after McGregor. Recent Attack On Daniel Cormier, who provoked the Irishman to resent Daniel Cormier’s comments.

Connor McGregor made the following comment in a tweet that was later deleted:

“Clean check there by Poirier” F *** DC “

Connor McGregor also went after UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith shortly after. Smith condemned Connor McGregor’s tweets. Referring to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father, Sher Hart thought that the “infamous” had gone too far with his words and should restrain his emotions a little too much. McGregor was not happy with his response and commented:

“ionlionheartasmith Who is being shot for? Are you calling me a big zombie? The insults coming my way are constantly causing me to react. Are you stupid? Don’t you see that?” ? F ** k Off and leave me alone. You are the loser. You are preparing to return “Read McGregor’s tweet which has now been deleted.

Watch Laura Sanko’s full interview on ‘Combat Sports on Fanatic View’ here:

Connor McGregor’s actions on social media could lead him to a fight against Jack Paul.

Jack Paul, a boxer from YouTube, has long been battling Connor McGregor. The Irishman recently revealed that he has only two fights left on his UFC contract. Knowing the unpredictable nature of martial arts and the echoes around the two men, it would not be uncommon to see a fight between the two possible.

During the Phil Sands podcast, Jack Paul revealed that he and McGregor’s management had discussed a possible future boxing match.

Paul said:

“It worked, and it attacked the whole attention and the media. And then, reporters are asking him about me. Now, this fight is getting worse, I mean, yes, like, this Definitely possible. Talking to our managers. Anything is possible. “

Watch the full podcast here where Jack Paul talks about a possible fight with Connor McGregor.

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