Hidden in the middle of nowhere is a cafe that offers cakes to anesthetize you.

The most important thing to know if you are visiting The Willow and Boar for the first time is not to rely on your satnav. As far as it’s concerned, the cafe is located in a field somewhere in the middle.

Of course not, it’s actually on a main road. If instead of trying to be a millennial, I look at a map before I go out (which I am not, I’m from Vintage who know how to read a map) and rely on technology, I don’t get lost. It’s time to drive up and down the country streets in the boiling hot weather. Not that it was a bad thing, because some of the beautiful houses in the countryside of Worcestershire were beautiful to look at.

I finally found what I was looking for – a hidden cafe where I heard that homemade cakes were sold. Ever since I opened The Willow and Boar, I have been amazed by the daily pictures of the cake on its Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Now I consider myself a cake lover so I was determined to visit the cafe, especially just a few miles from where I live. When I got upset after my cycle due to the failure of my breasts, the owner expressed sympathy and said that many breasts are bullying and he suggests using the What3Words app, which takes you straight there.

Willow & Boer is in an unexpected location – at the Willow Marsh Fishery in Creslow Lane, Shane Stone, on the shores of Cadder Munster. It is also a “Lockdown Business Baby”, conceived and opened during an epidemic.

Despite being open for just over a year, the cafe is already a strong favorite and has a loyal customer base, with regular weekly visits. Mostly there for cakes – who have a fan of their own.

Owner, former Heliswin builder Mark Sullivan said: “As soon as we put a picture of the day cake on our socials, we get a rush of customers. Within 30 minutes, a woman came in and said, ‘This is my favorite cake. Is’. “

Outside Willow And Boer
Outside Willow and Boer
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

But The Willow and Boar not only offers cakes, it also sells everything you would expect from a cafe: including breakfast, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, afternoon tea and hot and cold drinks. The location is spectacular – right next to the three fishing lakes.

There is room for 36 meals inside and 54 meals outside. It is small but spacious inside, decorated with white and green flavors with wooden floorboards, while the outer courtyard overlooks the lakes. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the business was good on my visit (at lunch time), but there were plenty of places to sit in and out.

I ordered a ham and cheese panini, a glass of stagnant water and a piece of red velvet cake. The panini arrived in about 10 minutes and was a spacious portion, served with a side salad, coleslaw and tartella chips. It was delicious, with the right proportions of ham and cheese and was warm and filling.

Ham And Cheese Panini In The Willow And Boer
Ham and cheese panini in The Willow and Boer
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

The next reason I came was – cake! I was told that my favorite – red velvet – was one of my favorites. Apparently, the most popular cakes are carrots, followed by tiffany, then red velvet, lemon drizzle and ‘school cake’ (a simple sponge with white icing and hundreds and thousands).

All the cakes are made by Mark’s daughter, Chloe, who also works in a cafe, and also makes cakes with other staff members. “It’s cheaper to buy cakes, but we make them ourselves and customers like them,” said Mark.

My red velvet cake didn’t disappoint. This cream cheese frosting was a big piece (hora) with a decent dulp of icing. I didn’t get into the habit of eating so much for lunch. I struggled to get rid of it, but I did. The water was 5.25 and the cake was £ 2.95.

Red Velvet Cake In The Willow And Boer
Red velvet cake in The Willow and Boer
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

The cake cabinet that day had school cakes at £ 2.95 per slice, lemon drizzle at £ 2.95, vegan chocolate caramel at 50 3.50 and other small ones. It was proof that red velvet was my favorite because it was my last piece and the diners who came after me were disappointed.

The couple at the table in front of me said they were regular. The woman said, “We like it. My husband cycled from here and said, ‘We have to get there. We live on the other side of Boudley, but try to come at least once in a fortnight.’ The woman said. “The food is delicious but the staff is amazing, really friendly. And the toilets are the best I’ve ever been to!” (I checked, they are.)

Willow and Boer have only been open since May 2021, but fishing has been there for 26 years and has been owned by Mark and his family for the past five years. “I bought fisheries because I thought it would be the perfect place to open a cafe,” he said. “It was just grass when we bought it, but we got permission to plan for the cafe and then the epidemic hit and we had to park it.

“I designed and built the cafe myself and we finally opened it in May after the last lockdown.

* The Willow and Boar is Willow Marsh Fishery, Curslow Lane, Shenstone, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 4DX

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