Hidrógeno, an opportunity for Mexico – Meczyki

Mexico has a great potential inside the industry for generating energy and technology, with its natural resources and human capital, considering the normalization of the canals industry. The industry in the energy sector.

Since embarking, there is a great deal of interest in the normative theme that has been sent to its victims and could lead to an uncommonly energetic theme, as if it were suicidal in Europe.

“In Mexico there is a great opportunity for two motives, one, that has a human capital of its own, we have the best engineers in the world, the best engineering universities in Mexico”.

“We have a great deal to do with the natural resources and, literally, we can use the Pacific Océano and the other lads of the world for the Golfo de Mexico, we have this connectivity, the relationship with marathi, and the relationship with each other. Connectivity to Sudamérica, United States, Canada inclusive to Asia ”.

Recently, on the 15th and 16th of February, it was realized in Monterrey, the first edition of H2 EXPO HIDROGENO, in Cintermex, presented at an International Congress and the offer for the production of hydrocephalus.

In this event, the event will establish the collaboration for the development of hydrocephalus technology in Nuevo León, with the Mexican Association of Hidrógeno, the Clúster Energy of Nuevo León and its Installer.

The channels say that the more efficient technology is to generate hydrogen and because of the energy it is a process of desalination of the agua, while the media through a process of hydration eliminates the oxygen and the odor and the content. “It decides it’s just evaporated.”

Without the hassle, for the sake of energy, mainly generated by gas, for those who are looking for it, it is the development of technology, which sustains this energy problem with one more limp.

Details of the changes made by the newcomers in New York, with the help of invertebrates that are reliable and sustainable, with the exception of Russia. Dell Gas Rousseau

It is possible to promote Mexico by abstaining from such demands, technology and innovation, commenting on the mexican, rejoicing as one of the other mermaids. Reconcile the quinine of the camino in the assimilation financier and the development of the limp hydrogen projections and corporate collaborations.

“In Mexico there is very little in the way of traumatology material, licenses and demons, or it is a normative theme, but we always have the importance of canceling projects. The thematic theme, from the emissions of permits and licenses all this is something that the protctgs of inversion have retreated and that there is a little too much incantidumbre in counting the money and the legal mark on the largo plazo “,

Agregó “If we set up a project, we will have a list of the engineers, the conceptual and all the requisites for the ley, pero, a lo mejor, no va a haber la posibilidad de que la commissón Reguladora de Energía pereo te d es, There is a lot of frenzy that has passed in the last days “.