Hinge’s new feature makes it easier for you to be clear about your dating intentions – Meczyki.Net

hinge Introducing a new “Dating Intentions” profile feature designed to encourage users to be upfront about their expectations. With the launch of this new feature, users can select the dating target to be displayed on their profile. You can select one of the following options: “Spouses,” “Long-term,” “Long-term, Open to the short-term,” “Short-term, Open to the long-term,” “Short-term” and “Finding my dating goals “

The new feature will allow users to add more context about their dating backstory to their profile via a new “Backstories” open-text option. Hinge says the new Dating Intent feature will allow users to focus on the right people and connect with people who share the same dating goals as theirs.

“Before a third (34%) of Hinge users have found themselves in a ‘position’, this new feature has been shown to help daters decide who to match with, 65% of Hinge daters Agreed that it has helped with their dating decisions,” notes the company.

Hinge’s latest addition comes as the dating app has launched several new features over the past year that are designed to make it easier for users to connect with others.

Last month, Hinge rolled out a new “Self-Care Prompts” feature that aims to prompt early conversations between matches about self-care preferences. Hinge’s in-app prompts are conversation starters that users answer as part of their profile and are displayed for potential matches. The signs are designed in such a way that the users can showcase their personality instead of being a generic bio. With this latest launch, users can now select from three new self-care prompts to fuel conversations about mental health awareness.

New self-care prompts, including “About Me,” “Story Time,” “Let’s Chat About” and “Voice First,” join the existing prompt pack on Hinge. Hinge’s “Voice First” feature, which was rolled out last time, is gone viral on tiktok As users shared their experiences with the feature. Voice Prompt allows users to respond to a prompt via a 30-second voice recording, which allows some of the funny stories to be shared in a more personal way.