Hispanic Congress voted against the security legislation made by Biden – The Financier

LAREDO, Texas.- Pocos say that he was convinced in the first Mexican, not in the country, in the prestigious jury of the United States Congress, Mayra Flores voted against the legislation against the law . Sen. John Cornyn, accusing him of criticizing his fellow lawmakers and the generals in general who are still in favor of arms, considering that negativity is a treatment for his feelings.

The Ley Bipartidista de Comunidades más Seguras promulgada por el Presidente Joe Biden, obto the el auxiliary de los cinco mimembros del congreso que representan la región fronteriza de Texas y Mexico: Verónica Escobar, Tony Vizáles Gon.

There was no mention of Flores, the representative of the Republic of San Benito, who, through the medium of his Twitter account, expressed his displeasure with the quail emitting his vote in opposition to the Cornyn project.

“This is a business deal with a project in the middle of nowhere that advocates adolescence needs to be achieved by our schools and protects our children; tanto mental like physically. The mental salute and the security of our countrymen will be an absolute priority ”, said Congressman Nacida in Mexico.

From the negative vote of Congressman Flores, in the vote of Ley, the comments of the rest of the Congressmen did not stop.

Gonzalez, negotiating with McAllen, who appeared on the floor of the General Elections from November 8 to the 34th District of the Congress, said that he could not accept the name of the legislator, he had voted in the name of the president.

“The pockets of the jurors of the United States of America, Mayra Flores voted in opposition to a bipartisan project by the senior principal of our city, John Cornyn. de salute mantle y mantendría las armas fuera del alcance de los certelles y otras personas peligrosas. el te de Texas ”, commented.

For his part, the congressman Henry Cuellar, gave his condolences to those who voted for him in favor of the Ley de Communes more Seguras.

“The appraisal on the camera and the senate of the legislation on renewed arms, the first of its kind in 30 years, is a fundamental step to protect our communities. It gradually increased with the bipartisan group of seniors and their collaborations on the camera that worked on the other side of the pasillo so that it would pass the meta line.

Déjenme ser claro. The United Nations is currently participating in the Second World War and has voted to quote quotes from its citizens. without embarking, at the end of the day, my objector is to keep ustes or their families alive. This is my first name, ”said Cuellar.

Cornyn assumes that his project is going to address the specific problems that have been dealt with in recent times. He pretends to guarantee that the sean seguras sin imponer new replicas a las proprietres de armas que sean respitosos de la li.

“This project includes important reforms, complete with debts that are considered secrets to our children and our comrades respect their rights.” Menos que una persona senda declarada enferma dahni o semundra un delincuente violento, los derechos de la Segunda Enmienda de nadie se verán afectados por esta legislación ”, apuntó Cornyn.

The Ley Bipartidista de Comunidades más Seguras, is a ley that abounds the problems that have been solved by causer tiroteos, like the needlessness of more resources in the mental health problems. , mayors revisions to buy men of 21 years, enter others.